Dangerous Supplements On The Rise

Dangerous Supplements On The Rise

It seems that the unregulated nature of the supplement industry has led to safety concerns over the quality and safety of many supplement available on the market.

There have been reports of a rise in liver damage by patients who are taking poor quality vitamins produced by unscrupulous manufacturer’s. It seems the fasted growing liver injuries now seen are drug induced, often by unwitting user’s chasing better health.

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A famous case was aired in 2013 when an outbreak of liver issues arose from people taking a supplement called OxyElite Pro which contained a compound known as aegeline.

However, research in to aegeline has shown that it is natural part of the Bael tree, but what investigators unsurfaced was that instead of using aegeline from the tree it was manufactured by a Chinese company who claimed that was the product. But concerns grew even more when a mother of 7 children died from taking this supplement.


The US regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has since linked OxyElite to more than 70 cases of liver damage. The company has denied any responsibility.


A shocking discovery was found when a doctor started buying many herbal supplements and started to test them and found that almost a third of the products didn’t have a trace of the actual product it was supposed to be!

Chinese firms were in the spotlight again as many of the samples were identified as Chinese ornamental plants.

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The doctor progressed with his tests and found that it was a widespread concern that many of the supplement and herbal remedies are either contaminated or not at all what was advertised.

The problems lies with the fact that in the USA, government agencies do not approve vitamins and supplements before allowing them onto the market. Understandably the consumers are not aware of this and believe there to be safeguards in place which there are none.

Be aware that many of the products that can be bought at online market places such as Amazon and eBay are under no scrutiny and fall short of any regulation.

Our advice is to buy direct from the manufacturer to ensure high quality and safety.



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