How To Deal With Low Test After A Cycle // Painted Eyebrows And Cuckold..?

How To Deal With Low Test After A Cycle // Painted Eyebrows And Cuckold..?

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Well…I was not expecting this.

A guy asks Lee Priests’ advice on how to recharge your natural testosterone levels after he had been taking steroids for 4 years on and off at only 21 years of age!

He isn’t clear on how much he had been taking but it seems like that short duration could well have fucked up his bodies natural testosterone production abilities and he is now only 25!

To be fair the the guy he seems pretty desperate. At first Lee cannot help but mock but then the tone changes and Lee offer’s some sage advice.

Supplementing Zinc is one of them or trying to score more black market testosterone if his body is really farked.

Things take a real weird twist and then there’s talk of wigs, eyebrows, sexting and even cuckolding!

We would suggest a good natural testosterone booster to help jump start your own natural production as well as compound lifts too as these stimulate the secretion of testosterone.

Another really good piece of advice is to get plenty of sleep. If this guy is running on 6 or even less hours per night on sleep as well as eating refined and processed foods it is not going to help his situation.

When you are asleep your body secretes growth hormone, so get plenty of it.

It seems the poor guy is getting really hung up on his issues and all of that stress actually reduces testosterone levels.

However, there is no denying it, laughter aside, Lee does try to offer the best advice he can and help the poor guy who really does seem adamant that his life is over.

Not yet mate, wait until you have a hefty mortgage around your neck…

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