Do You Have Shoulder Pain When Lifting? Watch This!

Do You Have Shoulder Pain When Lifting? Watch This!

Shoulder injuries are extremely common among lifters and athletes alike.  I have been suffering from tendinitis for a good two months now which has plagued my lifting and rugby to the point where I have not done any upper body weight training.

It would be prudent of you to watch this video in order to exercise and strengthen the shoulders enough to ensure that you can blast those massive military presses!  I just wish I had watched it 3 months ago…

Since having a cortisol injection from my doctor, the physio at our rugby club suggested an exercise to do which would strengthen my trapezius and deltoids by using an olympic bar, see the video below as I am finding it is helping with my rehabilitation.

In order to strengthen the areas around my rotator cuff I have started to seriously incorporate lateral raises to my regime.

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Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

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