My Evlution Nutrition ENGN SHRED Pre workout Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

My Evlution Nutrition ENGN SHRED Pre workout Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

 Evlution Nutrition ENGN SHRED Pre workout Thermogenic Fat Burner First Look

Thankfully after yesterday’s onslaught of heavy rain which took forever for my cycling clothes to dry out, this morning we are seeing some sunshine, enough to make my cycle in to work a bit more pleasant.

It’s weather like this that makes doing fitness that much easier and helps motivate you not just to get our of bed in the morning, but also get that gym kit on and head outside.

However, for those times that it is dismal and wet, dark and cold, it can take more effort and more mental toughness to embrace foul weather.

That’s is where a pre workout supplement can work its magic.

Upon taking an effective pre workout you feel charged and energised. That lethargy disappears, and, unless you actually do some exercise, you are going to be a very restless person sat on that sofa.

And, in lots of cases, the reason you want to do exercise, be it weight lifting or even canoeing, it is because you want to keep fit, you want to stay in shape and you most likely want to ensure your fat levels are kept in check.

So, in some cases you may also take a fat burner to enhance your efforts and to burn those extra few calories.

Because, even with exercise and a nutrition plan in place, sometimes life leads you in a different direction from time to time, even with the best intentions.

This is exactly where an effective fat burner can help.

Fat burners can give you that edge whereby you burn the extra calories required which help toward creating that deficit which can lead to fat loss.

Especially if you cannot commit to a really good and consistent cardio regime with the changing and unpredictable weather.

This could potentially help in two areas.

This can motivate you to get out of bed in the morning and help stimulate additional calorie burn.

In truth, there’s a lot of crossover with fat burners and pre workout supplements, anyway.

They share many of the same stimulant ingredients such as Caffeine which provide energy, focus and are a thermogenic meaning that they raise calorie expenditure.

This supplement from EVLUTION Nutrition looks very much like a pre workout supplement.

It is bold and almost old school in that it appears to market itself to the mutant muscle crew down the old warehouse style gym.

What can a fat burner really do?

You may well be surprised actually.

The idea that an effective fat burner just magically makes your waist smaller is far from the truth.

However, only the effective fat burners contain a number of ingredients in correct doses that work harmoniously and through a number of outcomes help you lose fat mass, not muscle.

Their benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Increase energy – This will help you be more active and stimulate you for effective workouts
  • Thermogenic – These ingredients will increase the temperature of your core which increases calorie expenditure
  • Appetite control – The ability to feel fuller and not to fall for sweet, calorie laden treats

As a result I tend to supplement my exercise regime with a fat burner supplement.

I have found Instant Knockout to offer the best results and as a result I try to use that daily.

What can a pre workout really do?

The use of a pre workout supplement is traditionally to provide a more explosive and focused workout when you hit the gym.

This is achieved by providing high levels of stimulants to fight fatigue as well as increase the blood flow to the muscles and organs.

They can also include other ingredients that are known to help increase cognitive function so you can effectively zero in on your goal and help smash it.

However, they are no commonly used by students looking to concentrate while stay up late as well as gamer’s and even machine operatives or long distance drivers.

The main key benefits are:

  • Increase energy – Smash your workout with more intensity
  • Motivation – Get straight out of bed for an early morning gym session
  • Improved focus – Zero in on your weights program or even revise harder
  • Alert – Stay alert and improve concentration

However, not all pre workout supplements are equal, and some are downright terrible or contain potentially dangerous ingredients in dangerous doses, or concealed doses.

We analyse each one with an in depth review.

Ingredients: The Science

Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine / Alpha GPC

Appears to have cognitive-enhancing properties (no human evidence exists to support this in otherwise-healthy youth, but it does have support in rodents) and attenuate the rate of cognitive decline in the elderly.

In regards to reducing the rate of cognitive decline, alpha-GPC at high doses (1,200 mg) does appear to be somewhat effective – we do not know the exact amount here, it is likely to be low though falling within a proprietary blend.

Huperzine A

Some research shows that taking huperzine A by mouth for 4 weeks improves the memory older children and teenagers who complain of memory problems.

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine is considered to be a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator which is all about the brain.

Agmatine injections are common, but not oral ingestion and there is still no concrete evidence that working memory is enhanced with agmatine supplementation.


Tyrosine is taken for depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the inability to stay awake (narcolepsy), and improving alertness following sleep deprivation.

It is also used for stress, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS).

Choline BiTartrate

Choline is mostly used for either its cognitive boosting properties or as a liver health agent, able to reduce fatty liver buildup.

It may also be a stimulant although this is based on anecdote.

To improve brain function (cognitive) you will require a dose of 250-500mg per day for any benefits. So this is very dose dependent.

It is worth checking this out on the ingredient panel when looking for a supplement otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.

Choline has not been proven to improve or increase aerobic capacity, fatigue or training capacity.

Betaine (trimethylglycine)

This has been recommended as a compound that will increase athletic performance.

However, results from studies have been quite unreliable thus far of Betaine and not exactly formidable.

However, with that said, a dose of 12,500mg has been linked to increased power output, very minimal increase of workout volume and slight endurance.

Then again studies have showed no increase of any of the aforementioned parameters.

Folic Acid (Folate)

If you are suffering from low folate, this means you are unable to absorb nutrients properly from the bowel effectively and thus not be able to take full advantage of the benefits.

Niacin (B3)

Unlike some vitamins, Niacin doesn’t have a long list of benefits and advantages, however, it does help release the energy your body needs from foods as well as keeping your skin and hair healthy.

Remember, the skin is your largest organ, so it pays to keep it in good health.


Known to boost metabolism, cayenne causes the body to produce extra heat and burn more calories for fuel.

This is found in our favorite fat burner Instant Knockout.

Green Tea 

A well known to have many powerful health benefits. Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat.

One study found that the combination of green tea and caffeine improved weight loss and maintenance in people who were overweight and moderately obese.

Some researchers think that substances in green tea known as catechins are responsible for the herb’s fat-burning effect.

It has been shown to help lose almost 5% body weight over a three month period.

Green tea extract is found in many a good fat burning supplement.

Not only that, but Green Tea has demonstrated its effects at suppressing cellulite.

Int J Cosmet Sci. 2006 Jun;28(3):175-90. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-2494.2006.00318.x

Vitamin B12 

B12 is a vital ingredient that has show to have many benefits, not withstanding cognitive function.

B12 fights fatigue, muscle wastage, boosts mood, cognition and is vital to many bodily functions including metabolism and food digestion.

Studies have shown that those lacking in B12 scored lower in cognitive testing.

With further analysis demonstrating positive effects against cellulite.

B12 Gives you more energy and boost your metabolism, helping you shed unwanted pounds.

Ensure you are not deficient in Vitamin B12 so you can do that quick 10 miler at 5am…

Int J Cosmet Sci. 2006 Jun;28(3):175-90. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-2494.2006.00318.x

Vitamin B6 

Using it in its most natural form, pyridoxine, B6 is an essential nutrient to raising the body’s metabolism and aiding the fat burning process.

It also contributes to the reduction of fatigue and if you are not getting enough B6 you can suffer from cognitive decline as well as depression.

B6 also contributes to normal and healthy hormone levels.


Acetyl-L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Men who were supplemented 2g per day showed an increase of Insulin like growth hormone when combined with exercise.

Very limited evidence to suggest any fat loss unless you are an elderly person.


Supplementation of this non essential amino acid aids the production of carnosine. That’s a compound that plays a role in muscle endurance in high-intensity exercise.

That said, studies have been small and not entirely conclusive.

Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA)

Initial reports and studies have showed that CLA helped a bunch of women who did no exercise lose 9% of their body fat.

However, further studies are showing very mixed, if not medicore results that aren’t really setting the world alight, in fact the side effects are having their presence felt moreso outweighing any real benefits.

Any benefits that were found meant that the composition had to be greater than 80%.

Forslean (Coleus forskohlii)

Forskolin is a chemical found in the roots of the plant Plectranthus barbatus.

This plant has been used since ancient times to treat heart disorders such as high blood pressure and chest pain (angina), as well as respiratory disorders such as asthma, it can also assist with reducing fat mass in obese people.

However, no reliable scientific information that shows Coleus forskohlii extracts taken by mouth are effective.


Related to Yohimbine, Yohimbe is a powerful stimulant and used to increase fat loss as well as assist with erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbe can cause a host of other problems though, this is in our supplements to avoid list.

Supplementation with yohimbine combined with resistance training does not significantly alter the body mass, muscle mass, or performance indicators.


This can assist with endurance, tested athletes saw an edge from caffeine in scientific studies. In some trials, the stimulant boosted athletes’ speed.

In others, it helped them last longer before they spent all their energy.

Caffeine also raises the metabolism which means you burn more calories.

Some studies show that it can curb soreness after exercise, too. This means you could get back to your training sooner and training means more calories burnt.

This is present in all 3 of our Top Fat Burners.

Caffeine Anhydrous is the purest form so always look for that.

How To Take Evlution Nutrition ENGN SHRED

I scoop per day. This equates to 8.6g.

However, the actual daily dose of the ingredients is only a shade over 3032mg!

It is good to spread out the dose across the course of the day to ensure our body has a constant supply of ingredients to process rather than peaks and troughs.

If you get too much of certain ingredients, that what the body doesn’t need at the time will be wasted and you will not feel the benefit.

Therefore, if you have a massive dose of Magnesium for instance yet your body is still processing and utilizing Magnesium from a meal you’ve recently had it will only use what is required.

What the body doesn’t require at the time will let it pass. Thus, a higher chance of waste and less benefits.

It is better to have a continued trickle effect.

The dose of 3032mg is very, very low, especially for a pre workout supplement where we normally see in excess of 10g.

There’s also a lot of ingredients to be stretched around that low dose.




This contains a staggering number of individual ingredients.

Eighteen, in fact.

That means, we should at least see some good benefit from this supplement.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of cross over between pre workout supplements and fat burners as they both use ingredients that can raise the metabolism, increase focus and energy levels.

I will now list through each ingredient that will offer both fat burning benefits and also what we would want fro a pre workout.

Carnitine can be a contributor to energy production and even growth hormone when dosed adequately. Fat loss seems to be related to elderly people that supplement it.

Huperzine can help improve memory according to the studies that are available.

Tyrosine helps fight fatigue and improving alertness.

Choline Bi-tartrate may help improve cognitive function but this is dose dependant, a requirement of 250mg is the order of the day.

Betaine has demonstrated to increase power output if dosed as 12.5g.

Folic Acid helps your bowel absorb all of the nutrients before passing through as waste. If you are low in Folate you can miss some of the benefits.

Cayenne is a thermogenic which helps increase body temperature, in turn, your body burns more calories trying to regulate core temperature.

Green Tea has shown to reduce body weight and help treat cellulite. An excellent addition to any fat burner supplement.

B12 is another nutrient that helps boost the metabolism and fight cellulite.

It also fights fatigue and can lift your mood as well as improve cognition.

B6 helps fight fatigue, fight depression and increases calorie expenditure.

CLA may help fight fat. Early studies showed that a group of female participants lost a significant percentage of body fat, yet further studies have failed to replicate the results.

A composition of 80% is required to be anywhere near possibly effective.

Caffeine is a great stimulant, thermogenic and can increase focus. This is a staple of the best fat burner and pre workout supplements.


This has a large number of ingredients, yet the actual dose is not that high at a smidgen over 3000mg.

This means that we are getting quite low doses per ingredient, and that is just of the ingredient that we know the doses of, because this also has a couple of proprietary blends.

If you are not familiar with a proprietary blend, watch the video below of me in my old garage gym.

If you have skipped the video, a proprietary blend essentially means that although we know which ingredients are included in the supplement, we have no idea of the individual breakdown of each ingredient.

Legally, the supplement company could literally include just trace amounts per ingredient and the rest being a low cost filler.

Just to repeat that, this is completely legal.

Ingredients such as Carnitine require 2000mg alone to have any real benefit.

Betaine also requires 12.5g!

Alpha-GPC requires 1200mg!

Choline Bi-tartrate requires 250mg!

To make matters worse, CLA needs a composition of 80% whereas this only provides 60% deeming this ineffective.

So, already there are plenty of problems in the mix, and this is of the effective ingredients.

Let’s now take a look of the ingredients included that offer no proven benefit.

Agmatine, while popular for injection still has no real conclusive evidence that it can benefit us.

Beta-Alanine is very popular in pre workout supplements because it seems to offer psychological benefit rather than any actual physical performance effects.

There is no proof that Coleus is effective, particularly when taken orally.

Yohimbe studies have not demonstrated that it can make any changes to body mass or composition, although it is a strong stimulant.

However, it can actually be harmful to your health and it is not recommended that you take any supplements containing Yohimbe.

What Improvements Could Be Made?

For a start, the big issues here are doses and the proprietary blend.

You can have the best ingredients in the world, but if they are not dosed correctly, it will be nothing but a waste.

With so many ingredients here being under dosed, it really seems pointless that they are included.

Then there is a fair old list of ingredients with no reputable or scholarly research proving that they can be effective.

This really needs to up the dose towards the 15g mark plus include a number of proven ingredients such as the list below:

  • Zinc
  • Glucomannan
  • Magnesium
  • Green Coffee extract
  • Guarana
  • Fenugreek
  • Synephrine
  • Citrulline
  • Beet
  • Theanine

Without any of these, this will not have the maximum effect on fat loss or be optimal as a pre workout supplement.

Evlution Nutrition ENGN SHRED Pre workout Thermogenic Fat Burner Conclusion


I think we have established that this combined pre workout and fat burner from EVLUTION Nutrition is a missed opportunity.

There some major issues that need rectifying before we could recommend this supplement to help you with your fitness goals.

The main problem with this are threefold.

  1. Small, ineffective doses
  2. Proprietary blend
  3. Unproven ingredients

There’s far too many ingredients that just do not have the adequate dose to be of any benefit in the real world.

Plus, some are completely hidden within a proprietary blend.

While I would also like to see other ingredients that are well established as being effective included.

Anything else worth adding to this review..?

Often we find that supplements that try to be everything for everyone end up becoming diluted and not at all successful, this is one of those.


> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals


Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

Ben established this site to be a free resource in 2015. Since then it has gained over half a million visits. He has always been interested in sport and he started playing rugby at the age of 6 represented his town, county and school. Ben also enjoys cycling, has started skiing and is in the Army Reserve representing his Regiment as part of the 150 Regimental Shooting Team. He holds a bachelor's and postgraduate degree in sport exercise & nutrition.

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