EXPOSED: The Benefits of Increased Testosterone Levels

EXPOSED: The Benefits of Increased Testosterone Levels
Few people are really aware of the benefits that testosterone can bring. Nor do many people understand how low levels of testosterone can negatively impact their health.
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Benefits of Testosterone

Part of a man’s aging process is that his natural levels of testosterone go in to decline.
However, they do not always drop below what is considered unhealthy levels, unless of course you get married.
That’s if that Danish study is to be relied upon.

What Were They Looking For?

The research team were looking for signs of:

  • Improved sexual function
  • Improved physical function
  • Increased vitality
  • Effects of testosterone levels on anemia
  • Bone density
  • Artery plaque
  • Cognitive function


There’s a current concern regarding the increased use of testosterone therapy with actually not a great deal of thorough understanding of the exact effects and risks involved.

A number of randomized trials were put in to place in order to establish whether there are clear advantages to testosterone therapy.

A popular concern is that high levels of testosterone therapy can lead to prostate cancer, therefore, more supplementation could increase that risk.

There are further concerns regarding cardiovascular health also. [2]


Coronary plaque did seem to increase though when under therapy conditions, therefore more studies are planned with at least 7000 participants.

The therapy did not appear to improve cognitive function for those who were suffering from age related memory impairment.


If anything it is clear that should someone be suffering from cognitive impairment, testosterone therapy is not the answer.

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Testosterone Benefits
Article Name
Testosterone Benefits
We look at the benefits that testosterone therapy may bring to subjects suffering from androause

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