My Extenze HT Higher Testosterone Booster Review

My Extenze HT Higher Testosterone Booster Review

My Extenze HT Higher Testosterone Booster Review First Look:

I ended up drinking prosecco in bed again last night watching a drama on TV.

That was after eating a big Chinese, but tonight, I am cycling 9 miles home, mainly up hill then beasting some deadlifts in my gym.

So, all-in-all I am pretty stoked for this Friday evening’s shenanigans, especially as this time next week I will be half way across the globe on my way to Perth in Australia.

Not that I am even remotely prepared for it…

Plus, going from freezing temperatures whereby I have been having to hack ice from my car to wearing shorts and a vest is going to be a bit of a shock to the system.

I am still hitting the heavy compound lifts where I can during the week and still trialing different T-boosters to maximize the results.

I also took a break of about 1 week from after going to a proper gym and lifting heavy on a variety of equipment.

This break and the diversity happened to benefit me and my most recent deadlift session was positive. I was lifting heavy again and it felt good.

I am hoping for much of the same tonight before I head over to the capitol tomorrow with some buddies for a drinking session.

To compliment my weight training I am continuously on the search for a natural test booster that can better the results given by those in the top 3.

However, there are other reasons for increasing natural T levels…

Having a higher level of natural testosterone benefits in more way that just becoming jacked.

It has an effect on:

  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Fat levels
  • Bone composition
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Libido

I would normally take TestoFuel which has seen me make some great gains in the past, not to mention sending my sex drive through the roof after I had finished my cycle of prohormones ages ago.

Ingredients: The Science

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid – GABA is used under the tongue for increasing the sense of well-being, relieving injuries, improving exercise tolerance, decreasing body fat, and increasing lean body weight.

However, there is not enough evidence to proof that it can fulfill these claims.

Pregnenolone – This is used to make all steroid hormones.

However, there is not enough evidence to say if it actually encourages more steroid hormone growth.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – A hormone produced by the body’s adrenal glands. The body uses DHEA to make androgens and estrogens, the male and female sex hormones.

DHEA levels peak at about age 25, then go down steadily as you get older.

By the time people are 70 to 80 years old, their DHEA levels are only 10% to 20% those in young adults.

However, there is little evidence to show that DHEA has any effect on enhancing muscle strength.

Fish Oil – Fish oil may help prevent diabetes and even cancers including breast cancer. The Omega-3 in fish oil can help balance the amount of Omega-6 found in foods such as red meat and eggs.

250mg daily is required.

Rosemary Extract – Bit of an odd inclusion.

It may help with a few things such as hair growth stimulation, muscle soreness, indigestion and cognitive function.

However, the studies or lack of, are all a bit inconclusive.



The label instructs us to have one softgel per day with breakfast.

It is always recommended that you have at least 4 tablets spread evenly across the day, as per the best testosterone booster on the market.

When you have more doses throughout the day it ensures your body always has nutrients to work with.

Additionally, if your body receives an overload of ingredients at once, it will not utilize anything it doesn’t require at the time which can lead to waste.

Each daily serving equates to just 305mg which is a very low amount when compared to what we find in effective testosterone boosters such as Prime Male.


The most effective and proven ingredient within this product is fish oil.

This will not stimulate testosterone production though…

The high level of Omega-3 in fish oil is able to help reduce the risk of diabetes and even cancer.

It is able to promote the health of blood vessels and reduce artery plaque build up.

Again, while these are great health benefits, it doesn’t increase testosterone.


This is a very small daily dose.

Not only that, there is nothing in this ingredient profile that can stimulate more testosterone production. Nothing at all.

There’s the health benefits associated with fish oil, however, you can buy fish oil by itself for those in much higher doses.

This only provides 50mg daily and we need at least 25mg per day anf the American Heart Association actually recommends 1000mg!

These combined ingredients total less than 400mg.

Then we are faced with a further four ingredients whereby there is a real lack of evidence to support the claims.

Plus it omits basic ingredients such as:

  • Magnesium
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Oyster
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K2
  • Ginseng

My Extenze HT Higher Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion:

This is not a test booster, not even in the slightest.

There’s a total of five ingredients, and just one can provide proven health benefits, not that has anything to do with increasing test levels.

The further four ingredients have no body of proof to confirm their claimed effects.

It consists of a small daily dose, and even the fish oil is under dosed by at least 200mg daily.

This also omits many of the proven and tested ingredients found in the best natural T-boosters.

As a result of this poor performance, it is certainly going to be of no benefit to you to buy this supplement.

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts.

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Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

Ben established this site to be a free resource in 2015. Since then it has gained over half a million visits. He has always been interested in sport and he started playing rugby at the age of 6 represented his town, county and school. Ben also enjoys cycling, has started skiing and is in the Army Reserve representing his Regiment as part of the 150 Regimental Shooting Team. He holds a bachelor's and postgraduate degree in sport exercise & nutrition.

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