Fast Or Slow Weightlifting Repetitions?

Fast Or Slow Weightlifting Repetitions?

There’s plenty of confusion whether to lift heavy and much more slowly with less reps or to use lighter weights and perform higher repetitions much more quickly.


One important rule is never to mix the two, ie. Do not lift heavy and try to go quickly and risk ruining form as it is setting you up for injury, likewise, lighter weights performed slowly will not benefit.

Looking to accelerate muscle growth and cut fat?

The answer is that both are beneficial, yet they both provide two different outcomes.

Higher speed with lighter weight will really burn and torch the muscles, this will help to really define the muscles for that ‘ripped’ look.

Whereas, heavier weights at a lower speed will increase strength which is much more usable in a everyday situation, not to mention the sporting arena.

It is much more useful to utilize free weights and to steer clear of the machines being offered in the gym unless your need is to absolutely isolate a particular muscle group. However, if unless you are a bodybuilder looking to define and ensure proportionality this routine of isolating muscles will not provide a fuller range of benefits that free weights can.


Do not be scared by free weights, even though branching out in to that area of the gym can be intimidating, they can have tons of additional benefits such as burning more calories which is sustained much longer once your workout has ended, fighting osteoporosis, plus cognitive benefits. Notwithstanding the greater overall muscular development.

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