Green Coffee Fat Loss Benefits

Green Coffee Fat Loss Benefits

Lots of people have heard of green tea and how beneficial it is, but few know about the benefits that green coffee can have on weight loss.

This article outlines how it can have a positive effect on your quest for fat loss.

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All of the studies used are cited at the end of this article.

Is Green Coffee beneficial?

Green coffee beans (Coffea robusta) are starting to become more and more popular as an ingredient found in fat burner supplements.

But why is this?

It is merely a coffee bean that has not been roasted yet.

So why is it so special?

We know green coffee beans contain caffeine which we know is a proven thermogenic which raises the body temperature.

Thus your body responds; it does this by trying to regulate your core temperature. This effect burns calories.

However, there’s something more to this un-roasted bean that makes it so effective and beneficial for fat loss.


What is Green Coffee Bean?

This may be quite self explanatory, however, let’s run through this in a bit more detail.

Green coffee beans are coffee beans before the roasting process. [1]

It is the roasting that causes the beans to turn brown, and it is this brown, roasted bean that most people tend to buy and are familiar with.

However, it is this roasting process that actually takes away most of the benefit of the coffee bean in this first place.

That’s why we find green coffee bean extracts in fat burner and weight management supplements rather than just normal coffee bean extract.

This is because the key element of green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid (known as a phytochemical) which is reduced when the bean is roasted.

Without the chlorogenic acid, we have lost much of the vital substance and we just have mainly caffeine.

That said, we know that caffeine has many benefits including:

  • Increased focus
  • Energy improvements
  • Cognitive benefits
  • Endurance
  • Muscle recovery

As a result, around 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis.

Furthermore all of these benefits are a result once the coffee bean has been roasted, therefore it is interesting to see what the humble bean can offer before the roasting process.

Let’s find out what chlorogenic acid can do.

coffee bean extract

Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid found in coffee beans before they are roasted can offer some great health benefits.

It is the chlorogenic acid compound has been know to posses anti-oxidant qualities for a long time.

This is the name given to describe the main phenolic compounds which are present in coffee.

In addition, these phenolic components also give coffee its taste.

Chlorogenic acid is also known to slowly release glucose in to the bloodstream after you have eaten to prevent big spikes and diabetes.

Thus, drinking coffee has been associated with helping to prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes plus others such as liver disease and even Parkinson’s. [2]

While chlorogenic acid levels are depleted when coffee beans are roasted, they are still present in smaller quantities of around 50%.

In some cases, when the beans were roasted to a high temperature it could almost reduce the levels of chlorogenic acid to almost trace amounts. [3]

Further to this, you should still be able to benefit from drinking coffee alone.

However, if you do not drink coffee, you should supplement with green coffee bean extract for optimal effects.

Chlorogenic acid is also a much weaker psychostimulant when compared to caffeine by itself which means you can prevent to issues associated with sleeplessness.

Fat Loss and Green Coffee Bean

This is what we are here for, and again, it is the chlorogenic acid is predominantly the key compound for fat loss.

As we know, caffeine is able to stimulate fatty acid oxidization and also increases lipolysis which uses stores of fat for energy.

So, already, green coffee bean is on to a win.

To increase its fat loss effects more so, the chlorogenic acid can also do the following [4]:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Improves metabolism
  • Can reduce new fat cell development

Therefore, you can see why these constituents of coffee bean are so well associated with weight loss. [5]

This theory is further enhanced by tests that conclude green coffee bean is able to reduce visceral fat and overall body-weight fat.

These effects are a result of inhibition of the absorption of fat in the liver while also increasing the metabolism of fat. [6]

Additional studies not only confirm that green coffee can promote weight loss [7] but also green coffee extracts are highly bio-available, improving the success rate. [8]

Furthermore, chlorogenic acids posses a high level of anti-inflammatory effects.

Anti-inflammatories help prevent chronic disease such as obesity, but they can also have other positive health effects. [9]

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Further Chlorogenic Acid Uses

The chlorogenic acid found in pre-roasted coffee beans can also improve other aspects of your health.

Breast Cancer

Studies have demonstrated that chlorogenic acid can have a small protective element against breast cancer risk. [10]

Type 2 diabetes

Research in to coffee consumption and the reduce risk of type 2 diabetes has been confirmed and it is the chlorogenic acid which is a a main contributor. [11]

Parkinson’s Disease

The antioxidant properties in chlogenic acids have been shown to scavenge free radicals which are linked to Parkinson’s disease. [12]

Cardiovascular Disease

It is considered that the phenolic compounds of which chlorogenic acid is the main compound is able to protect against cardiovascular disease. [13]

Green Coffee Side Effects

Green coffee is mainly safe, with studies dosing up to 1000mg per day for periods sustained as long as 12 weeks with no adverse effects.

However, green coffee bean contains caffeine, and as such, any health risks associated with caffeine will be relevant with green coffee bean, too.

Therefore, be aware that too much caffeine can cause insomnia to anxiety, diarrhea and even high blood pressure.


Overall the scientific research has demonstrated that the components of green coffee bean (namely chlorogenic acid) has excellent anti-obesity, anti-oxidant and fat loss effects.

These benefits are extended further by providing evidence that chlorogenic acid can also benefit breast cancer, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, these effects are also accompanied with a very low health risk.

Therefore, if you are looking to increase your fat loss and improve your overall health consider using a supplement that contains green coffee bean extract.




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Green coffee and fat loss
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