TLM Research EpiCUT Muscle Review

TLM Research EpiCUT Muscle Review

EpiCUT Fat Burner Review

First Look

Does EpiCUT Muscle burn fat or work as a muscle builder?

It is quite confusing. Fat burner supplements are not usually branded similarly to other steroid products.

Epi is short of Epistane. Epistane is a form of anabolic steroid.

I have tried it a couple of times before and it is powerful.

But what is this from TLM Research? It sounds like a steroid.

However, it is actually a fat burner, hence the ‘cut’ part of the name.

It is quite confusing though, and this much thought or confusion may just put some people of buying this because they may not be entirely sure what they are buying, so they may just move on to something else that clearly states ‘fat burner’.

This product from TLM Research falls in to that old school way of branding and imagery.

It looks potentially illegal and dangerous; a supplement for the hardcore and experienced.

Truth be told, this is very tame…

About the company

TLM Research are a sub-brand of Worldwide Nutrition.

WWN have a large number of supplements available. Everything from herbal remedies to ‘hardcore’ muscle building and weight training products.

Product Claims

This is being marketed as a hardcore supplement, so be aware that these claims may shock you…

EpiCUT is supposed to do the following:

Increase strength

More power

Improved stamina and endurance

Destroy fat

Grow muscle

That’s a lot of benefits, in fact that sounds like the effects of anabolic steroids.

EpiCUT Pro Price

$64.99 – That is quite pricey

Supplement Dose

Three pills provide just over 1300mg.

This is quite a low dose when compared to many effective fat burners.

We are instructed to have a pill three times per day, ideally with a meal or food.

Ingredients: The Research



– Green Coffee Bean

It is good to see that there are green coffee bean extracts..

This is because these unroasted coffee beans are high in chlorogenic acid ad high in caffeine.

These can help increase energy, focus and improve recovery rates after exercise.

It is a thermogenic which contributes to fat loss. [1]

– Mangosteen

Garcinia mangostana contains a number of elements that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-adipogenesis which should lead to obesity treatment.

However, as of yet, there’s nothing conclusive available to prove this. [2]

– Chromium

Chromium has evidence to prove that it can help encourage fat loss in people who are obese.

Chromium has a role of transporting glucose from the bloodstream to the cells to produce energy. [3] [4]

– Camellia sinensis

Camellia sinensis contains epicatechins which help you stay alert, can increase energy and improve mood.

However, green tea has stronger and more benefits than the camellia found in black tea. [5]

Ingredients Summary

Based on the findings for each ingredient it is clear that this is aimed mainly at fat loss and energy.

There are only four ingredients in total, and only one of them offers more to do with the theory of fat loss rather than ultimate scientific proof. That lays with Mangosteen.

However, there are proven thermogenic, fat loss and increased energy, alertness plus muscle recovery with the other three.

These three ingredients (Camellia, Chromium and Green Coffee) are found in the best fat burners.

To try and market this by claims of plant steroids as if they are like anabolic steroids are a little lame.

There’s no similar effects.

EpiCUT Side Effects

There’s the typical potential side effects that you need to be aware of by consuming lots of caffeine such as increased heartbeat, potential issues with sleeping and increased urine breaks but generally much of this is safe.

Mangosteen may prevent blood clotting quite as easily, so just be aware of that.

Pros & Cons


  • All ingredients look to offer fat loss benefit
  • Three of the ingredients can improve alertness, energy and muscle soreness recovery
  • Minimal side effects


  • This only really helps with fat loss, many of the product claims are unjustified
  • Lack of total ingredients
  • More research required in to Mangosteen

EpiCUT Video Review

Review Conclusion

Can you remember all of those wild claims by EpiCUT’s manufacturers at the beginning of this review?

It sounded like this was an anabolic steroid. It sounded mental. Could it even be legal? Is it even safe?

Well, just to clarify, this is a fat burner more than anything. Okay, yes it contains caffeine as side products of camellia and green coffee bean.

And, caffeine can help improve energy, muscle endurance and recovery. But this is not a steroid.

Overall, it has fat burning benefit, but there’s only a few ingredients. This would have benefited from more ingredients to work in harmony with for greater results.

As it stands it is luke warm and very pricey.

Take a look at the best legal and safe fat burners on the market.









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