A Guide To Cognitive Harmony

A Guide To Cognitive Harmony

How often do you wake up to feel dazed and slightly out of kilter? You grab a coffee and a bite to eat to help relieve the ‘warming up’ process but still feel sluggish and confused…


So what can we do? Well we have researched and reviewed some nootropic supplements  to find out which is the best so it is definitely worth trying that, however, you can also reap further rewards by kick-starting your brain in the morning, a bit like using a manual choke on an old car.

Start recalling nouns in the alphabet:


This is a fairly fun game (we’ll not go too far!) which puts both parts of the brain under a bit of pressure to get them oiled first thing in the morning. Just go through the alphabet and think of a noun for each letter. Probably best not to try this whilst driving.

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Listen to Some Classical music:


Numerous studies have shown that classical music over genres such as dubstep, can have a positive effect on our mood and brain function. I tried this recently whilst commuting 60 miles to work on a boring highway. I swapped techno and house music usually reserved for 4am on a Sunday morning for classic and chat show radio and feel much more energised and ‘ready’ once I get to work.

Start Your Day With Yoga (yoga pants optional):


This is one that has been introduced in to our office as part of our ‘wellness’ regime. I am absolutely terrible at yoga and I find it anything but relaxing however, it is a great stress reliever and I challenge anyone to still be pondering on that appraisal or big career dependant deal whilst trying to hold a yoga pose.

Doodling (stay with me here):


This was an exercise I was familiar with from Art class at school. Much like yoga takes the mind off any stressful thoughts, doodling with both hands (at once) and trying to draw a legible picture of a car, tree or even a shape really gets both sides of the brain working and all lingering worries vanish, setting you up for a productive day with a clear head.

Putting Pen To Paper:

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Now this may seem like a simple one, and it is, notice those friends and colleagues who write lists who tend to be less stressed. That’s because when you jot down all of your tasks to do or things to remember you provide clarity for yourself to prioritize and relieve yourself of that panic about forgetting things or not knowing where to start.



These are great for lifting that ‘fog’ of a fuzzy mind in the morning. A bit like hitting 20 press ups as you get out of bed, doing a crossword or suduko and the like can stimulate the mind and energize you. This, like hitting the gym almost provides you with a cognitive pension i.e  more exercise now will provide long lasting benefits as you age.

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