Gyms: What Do Your Prefer? Is There An Ideal Gym?

The perfect gym is usually out of reach to most people.

Be it the perfect home gym or that ‘spit and saw dust’ environment you crave.

There are now so many gyms available it almost seems an unprofitable business for the operators when memberships are below even $20.

Yet, these gyms tend not to have the decent equipment and rely heavily of cardio machines and isolation machines for the weights.

Music is relied on for any atmosphere, people do not speak to each other, weights thrown and left on the floor and so many photographs being taken it is like each venue has a paparazzi.

Not to mention plenty of Personal Trainers who seem rather more interested in themselves, their Instagram and financed BMW rather than their client.

These gyms also bring a type of selfish person in their new Under Armor leggings; obviously they’ve brought their meal prep and will tell anyone within range about their competition and seem intent of ruining it for everyone else.

For the serious lifter often the choice the seems to be between a rather less equipped gym with out the multi-national stakeholders capital at their disposal or the dickheads with pop music and Instagram account.

So what is it to be?

Lee Priest, a man with no qualms in letting us know his thoughts, sets it straight…you’d better get the cans of beans from the pantry.

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