JST Jodie Marsh Sports Nutrition TONEX Fat Burner Review

JST Jodie Marsh Sports Nutrition TONEX Fat Burner Review

JST Jodie Marsh Sports Nutrition TONEX Fat Burner First Look:

Jodie Marsh is somewhat of a divisive ‘celebrity’ figure in the U.K.

She was once a glamour model appearing at any social event going during the early 2000’s usually with her tits out are modestly covered to gain as many tabloid cover inches and wealthy soccer players, pop stars and anyone else with a bit of dollar in their back pocket.

Lads loved her porn star looks, ladies thought of her as either a bit of a tramp or somewhat of a role model, or at least in a girl power sort of way.

Over time though she went from glamour model and focused her time on female bodybuilding which has led her to being an INBF champion.

It also paved the way for her to do a bit of televised documentary work about steroids in bodybuilding, gyms and modern society which you can find on YouTube easily enough.

Her reinvented image has gained more respect from the public and it has spawned a number Jodie Marsh supplements.

This being one of them, all of them are actually aimed at the female market but as is the norm, they are usually suitable for both genders if you can look past the feminine metallic purple labeling.




I’ve been quite interested in fat burning products containing CLA because initial research looked promising…

Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) – Initial reports and studies have showed that CLA helped a bunch of women who did no exercise lose 9% body fat.

However, further studies are showing very mixed, if not medicore results that aren’t really setting the world alight, in fact the side effects are having their presence felt moreso outweighing any real benefits.

Any benefits that were found meant that the composition had to be greater than 80%.



The advice is to take up to 2 soft gels  daily. This provides a maximum of 2000mg per day.

That is significantly less than other CLA supplements out there! That means potentially less effectiveness for the user.

We would recommend a dose of the pills/soft gels to be taken evenly throughout the day to minimize large peaks and troughs of the nutrients to be utilized by your body as with the best products. But as this only offers 2 soft gels it will have to be at 12 hour internals.


CLA is not a tried and tested ingredient such as green tea, caffeine or capsaicin which is good for helping fat burn.

As we know everybody is different, everybody will react differently to every supplement or drug.

Yet, CLA is not entirely conclusive that it will help with fat loss and weight management albeit there was one particularly favorable study.

As with all supplements

It is important to always avoid anything that contains a proprietary blend. Thankfully this is free of that scam being just the 1 ingredient.

So will it work? Well, again it will probably depend on person to person which doesn’t sound too promising.



For CLA supplements to be anyway near effective the CLA is required to be of an 80% composition and this does not state whether or not it is.

The daily dose is much less, two thirds in some cases, than its competitors.

Not all of the evidence that would prove CLA’s effectiveness has been conclusive.

The main issue though is the lack of other ingredients. The best and most effective fat burners all contain around 8 ingredients that are all trialed, tested and proven to help fight against unwanted fat.

It even states on the product that it ‘may assist in fat burning’. That does not inspire much confidence.

JST Jodie Marsh Sports Nutrition TONEX Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Okay, on its own CLA is not really the optimal choice if you want to lose fat.

At best it should be used in conjunction with another, more comprehensive fat burner such as Instant Knockout.

However, would we chose this particular product? No, the daily dose is too low and we are not sure whether it is of the required 80% composition.




> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals


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