How About Hard Work, No Drink And Dedication Instead of HGH..?

How About Hard Work, No Drink And Dedication Instead of HGH..?

It’s an obvious comment to make, but, as explained in the video human growth hormone is available over the counter in some countries so isn’t everyone massive?

Lee tries to explain that even if you are on GH, and meany people are, the fact of the matter is unless you can work hard, put your mind to achieving you goals and you are gifted with good genetics it isn’t as simple as taking a cycle and becoming a pro body builder.

Lee doesn’t drink and was and isn’t into the ‘party scene’, as a result he toils away at the gym and has done for 28 years, hence his winning physique.

The notion that today the only way to succeed is through lots of drugs is a myth. It is a combination of actually working hard, rest, good food, the right supplements but most of all genetics and the right frame of mind.

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