Majority Of Men Unaware Of Low Testosterone Levels

Majority Of Men Unaware Of Low Testosterone Levels

It may be true to say that half of men are pretty blind or ignorant when it comes to knowing their body and health levels.

With that in mind it may come as no surprise to learn that 50% of men are completely ignorant to understanding that low testosterone is a medical condition which can be treated.


It is important to realize that the testosterone hormone is essential for overall health. Low testosterone will reduce sperm count as well as diminish the ability to develop muscle mass and strong bones.

This deficiency we talk of is pretty common, most mistakenly put it down to the natural aging process, and yes, your T levels do drop as you age. However, if you are seeing these symptoms it may be wise to get a second opinion from a medical professional.

-Low libido

-Erectile dysfunction


-Reduced muscle mass

-Lack of body hair

-Finding it difficult to concentrate


Low testosterone affects 8% of men between 50 and 79 and it is more common the older you get, however, it is also common in men much younger.


Research in to low testosterone shows that 45% will open up to their partners about their mental and physical well being and are particularly uncomfortable discussing their sex drive.

However, if you feel you maybe suffering from low testosterone their are ways to combat the issue notwithstanding a change of diet and exercise.



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