Everyday Health Habits To Produce Stronger Erections

Everyday Health Habits To Produce Stronger Erections

Many people suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotency as it is also known. This can be the cause of an unsatisfying sex life and much distress between couples.

For erections to work, there are a lot of functions that work together including muscles, blood flow and nerves.

And, once it can set in, the psychological problems can set in meaning this can overshadow the actual medical issues that are at fault.

I know this because I experienced it after a cycle of steroids ended and my testosterone levels sheered off the chart. I knew it was the steroids that were causing it and my low levels of natural testosterone, however, once it got in to my head I was screwed.

This lead me to use a natural testosterone booster to get me testosterone levels in check and over come the issues.

However, the psychological aspect is very difficult to overcome and it plays on your mind. It is all encompassing until you can see some progress.

However, if a cycle of steroids are not the root of the cause it does tend to be an underlying medical scenario.

There are different ways to combat impotency, however, as it is often said, prevention is better than the cure.

Therefore, let’s take a look at a number of good practices that you can employ in to your everyday life to help prevent the cause of erectile dysfunction and the after effects that can start to ruin a life.

Diet & Nutrition

For a strong erection, a good level of blood flow is required. Therefore, you should include a number of foods that can stimulate good blood flow and circulation such as foods high in zinc, nitrates and flavanoids such as oysters, leafy greens and small pieces of dark chocolate.

Because erections are about circulation and blood flow, avoid any foods that would exacerbate heart disease such as those high in salt, simple sugars found in fizzy carbonated sodas, foods high in saturated fats and condiments such as tomato ketchup.

These are all bad for raising inflammation, increasing blood pressure and lining the arteries which reduces the blood flow.

If it is bad for your heart and cardiovascular system it is going to impair your erection.

Your Weight & Obesity

Body Mass Index and ‘healthy weight’ are a little misleading. I am classed as obese according to my BMI yet I am about 15% body fat, they rest is solid muscle.

Therefore, try not to concentrate on weight per se, however, more about your body fat.

High levels of body fat and obesity in the more general sense puts you at a higher risk for further chronic diseases, not to mention impotency. You can read a bit more about it here.

However, being obese can cause type 2 diabetes. This can lead to an impaired nerve system, it can reduce circulation and cause an unhealthy heart.

These all have negative effects on your sex life and ability to create a strong erection.

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Hypertension & Cholesterol

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is caused by high levels of cholesterol which line the arteries with fat. Clogged arteries reduce the blood flow and increase blood pressure.

Less blood flow means less blood can be circulated and help with an erection as an erection is caused by increased blood flow within the penis.

Therefore, a strong erection requires good, unimpaired blood circulation.

Prescription Drugs & Medicines

There have been many studies that have shown particular prescription drugs such as anti-depressants or those prescribed for high blood pressure cause impotency.

If you feel this is the case for you, you may wish to discuss it with your doctor/physician.

Too Much Booze

Okay, I am partial to a bit of a booze session at the weekend.

If it isn’t going out for dinner with the girlfriend and sinking a couple of bottles of wine/champagne/prosecco and then finishing off with a gin & tonic or baileys it is a session with mates.

This leads me to getting blind drunk, and we’ve all heard about brewer’s droop.

Now, there’s also a bit of a difference to a weekend binge compared to a sustained amount of alcohol being drunk over a long period of time.

Too much alcohol not only causes nerve damage but it also creates a hormone imbalance. Testosterone levels can drop and estrogen can rise.

Testosterone is very important not just for libido but other bodily functions too, so it is best to keep them high.

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The impact that smoking can have on your overall heath is well documented.

It can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and it damages blood vessels also leading to poor blood flow and circulation.

As we know already, poor circulation will damage your ability to have and maintain a strong erection.

Therefore, it is time to quit the addiction as soon as possible.

Anabolic Steroids

As already mentioned, my experience with steroids certainly had an impact on me, it was made the more difficult seeing as I had just entered a new relationship.

There’s nothing worse than having sex with someone you are extremely attracted to, yet you cannot maintain a strong and adequate erection.

This plays on your mind, a lot.

This happens because when you are on steroids your bodies own production of testosterone stops as the body recognizes that there is a surplus. The testicles shrink as no testosterone is produced.

When you finish the cycle of steroids, your testicles do not work properly for a while because it takes a period of time for the body to readjust and start producing more testosterone naturally.

This period is the worst. If you do use anabolic steroids, use a post cycle therapy such as TestoFuel

which will stimulate your body to produce more natural testosterone and get you back to normal.

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