Higher Levels Of Testosterone In The Womb Means A Higher Chance Of Making It Big In Business // Are We Born Ready?

Higher Levels Of Testosterone In The Womb Means A Higher Chance Of Making It Big In Business // Are We Born Ready?

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In the latest line of research it appears that those with higher levels of testosterone in the womb are more likely to be an entrepreneur further down the line, well, at least when they have actually been born anyway.

It seems that our natural levels of testosterone can be affected by our lives and our experiences as we age, therefore a study was conducted on twins in the womb.

The research showed that those unborn babies with the higher levels of testosterone would go onto self employment in their older years.

Further results showed that they were also more likely to play full contact sports or take on high risk careers in finance.


It is quite easy to find out whether or not you had levels of testosterone in the womb by checking your fingers.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger you are more likely to become an entrepreneur as you were exposed to a higher level of testosterone. You will be more likely to take on risks throughout your life too.

Just by having more testosterone in the womb does not necessarily make you a successful business person nor sports player, in fact you may become a terrible gambler who just doesn’t know when to stop.

The study comprised of 2500 individuals who were analyzed from 4 separate UK research bodies.

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