Higher Levels Of Testosterone Lead To Quick Decisions…With Less Thought

Higher Levels Of Testosterone Lead To Quick Decisions…With Less Thought

A latest study is extremely close to my heart, and it could be yours too.

You may recognize that you make snap decisions on the spot with out much thought for the consequences.

I am also one eBay looking for cars. I am obsessed. I spend hours and days trawling though buying without seeing, researching the models, engines, history…everything about them.

Then all of sudden something jumps out at me with minutes to spare and I end up bidding and winning something totally different!

In fact, as I type I have one screen with cars on it now. The website TestosteroneJunkyard.com will soon become a reality.

This latest study by Behavioral Economics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) suggests that men with high testosterone levels tend to make quick, snap decisions with very little thought or reflection.

Which sounds just like me…I am not even joking either. Fuck thought, hit me with the consequences mother fucker!

The researchers believe that relaying on cognitive reflection is your ability to pause and reaffirm whether your gut feeling towards a decision is correct or not.

It seems that the high levels of testosterone appears to inhibit the mental process of double checking something or taking time to just reconsider your actions.

The study involved basic maths skills which were given to a selection of 243 males who were either dosed with testosterone gel or a placebo.

The maths question seemed like a simple answer initially, however, with a little further thought it would seem that it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked.

Therefore those who rely on quick, snap and gut driven instincts with little reflection to check their answer scored significantly lower than those who took the time to analyze the question and their answer.

Those who scored less were the group who had received the testosterone gel and they scored 20% lower than those who were on the placebo.

Those using testosterone gel also answered the incorrect answers much more quickly and took much longer than the placebo group to answer the questions correctly.

The research team believe that testosterone increases a persons confidence level and this correlates with studies showing that confidence enhancing a male’s social status.

It seems that when you are more confident you feel that your decision is correct and you are not in a position to be challenged, nor will you have any self doubt.

So, if you make a raft of bad, snap decision that you feel are always correct which then have to be reigned in by your boss or better half, you may be living a life high on testosterone!

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