How Do Fat Burning Supplements Work? // Don’t Buy One Until You Have Read This

How Do Fat Burning Supplements Work? // Don’t Buy One Until You Have Read This

You may see many supplements on the shelf and wonder how they work.

With obesity having doubled throughout the world since 1980 and with more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older being overweight of which over 600 million adults are obese it is not hard to see the reasoning behind the explosion of fat burner supplement sales.


However, what makes a fat burner effective?

There are so many on the market and available through online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay that some unscrupulous companies are around trying to make a fast buck.

Therefore it is good to have a basic understanding of what makes a fat burner actually keep you lean.

Key Properties?

An effective and useful fat burner should contain key ingredients that possess thermogenic properties.

This means that the combination of ingredients that can:

  • target fat cells (to reduce their size, you cannot ‘destroy’ them)
  • enhance calorie expenditure
  • increase your metabolic rate (amount of energy required to exist)
  • increase energy levels
  • inhibit your appetite and desire to eat
  • improve your mental well-being and mood


The term Thermogenic is banded around a lot on the fat burner world.

However, it works buy increasing the temperature of your body which means you use more calories existing that you would normally, Cayenne Peppers are often used for this purpose. This can help speed up your weight loss goals.

Anther way is to include stimulants such as Caffeine which gives you the energy to get off the couch and smash up the gym or even go for a bike ride.

Ingredients such as L-Carnitine can also help use your foods for fuel, especially fats instead of storing it.

What Should I Avoid?

It is important to find a fat burner that probably includes 8+ ingredients that have reliable and scientific/academic studies available to read that illustrate their effectiveness.

However, many fat burners include ingredients that are only anecdotally effective. Essentially this just boils down to rumor and is widespread.

Once a story has been told enough times it almost becomes fact, or at least known as fact when really in many cases the original anecdote stemmed from a cover up.

Therefore, ensure that when you look through the ingredients of a supplement the manufacturers website or packaging clearly references the study which proves it is effective in trials and testing.

Yet, one of the biggest pitfalls in modern supplements are proprietary blends.

Usually on the label, it maybe described as an exciting and potentially ‘too powerful for most’ fat destruction matrix or the like.

This is essentially concealing the fact that the manufacturer is concealing the breakdown of ingredients.

They will list what ingredients are included but not disclosing the actual amount of each one included. They may just say the blend is 600mg for instance, but this could be split across 7 ingredients.

This is a very misleading practice. It makes it very difficult other than guessing how much of each ingredient your are consuming.

In fact the manufacturer does not have to prove it is safe at all for consumption due to Senator Orrin Hatch. Now it has to be proven by the FDA it is not safe. That is a very different scenario.

In addition to this, they can list all of the ingredients used, be it just trace amounts and then bulk it out with an agent.

Therefore that 600mg blend maybe 7mg and the remaining 593mg being rice flour.

Remember that this is completely legal.

You may also want to establish (if possible) how much Caffeine or other stimulants are included.

If you already have lots of caffeine throughout the day by drinking coffee or energy drinks, you risk potentially overdosing which can lead to longer recovery periods and becoming fatigued faster.

Ingredients such as Yohimbe and Citrus Aurantium, while being known to be strong stimulants can also cause cardiac problems and are best avoided.

Further Reading

If you want to know what ingredients are useful, we have a concise guide here.

There’s also a bit of reading around ingredients that you may find in other supplements, not just fat burners which should be best avoided too. Take a look here.

Moving Forward

For continued and sustainable fat loss, lifestyle changes are the most important, fat burner supplements do just that, they supplement your diet and exercise program.

Therefore, for these fat burners to be effective you must also ensure you have a calorie controlled diet in place as well as a progressive exercise regime that is going to burn more calories than your intake.

Supplements, be they for weight management or building muscle are merely there to help optimize your fitness regime, they will not magically make you lose pounds of fat while you sit on the couch eating ice cream.

However, when you are looking to shred down and lose that bit of extra stubborn fat the thermogenic properties can help.

You can take a look at what we have picked out to be the best, here.


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> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

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