How Much Muscle You Can Expect to Gain

How Much Muscle You Can Expect to Gain How Much Muscle Will I Gain? How Much Muscle Will I Gain?

Type “How much muscle can I gain naturally?” in to a search engine and the internet is awash with suggestions.

You need to be reasonable of your expectations if you intend to choose a natural and drug free course in to weightlifting.  That said, having realistic expectations does not mean mediocrity, you can develop a physique that will stand out in almost any company.

Below is a guide of what physique you can potentially achieve from the measurement of the diameter of your wrist:

Chest: 6.5 x wrist measurement (therefore a 7 inch wrist should produce a 45.5 inch chest)

Hips: 85% of your chest

Waist: 70% of your chest

Thigh: 53% of your chest

Neck: 37% of your chest

Upper Arm: 36% of your chest

Calf: 34% of your chest

Forearm: 29% of your chest

Not everyone will fall in to this set of measurements but it is a good guide on the assumption that wrist size directly correlates with bone size throughout the body.

Remember that a good couple of measurements does not necessarily mean a good physique, a good physique is a result of all of your girths.  A 50 inch chest, 20 inch upper arms with a 40 inch waist and 15 inch calves is not as impressive as a 45 inch chest with a 32 inch waist, 16 inch arms and a 16 inch calf.

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