The Squat!

The Squat!

The sole addition of intensive squatting just once a week can turn a otherwise unproductive training program into a productive one.

Mastering the squat, and then intensively and progressively squatting on a consistent basis is a linchpin  of successful strength training.

As long as you can squat well you will probably never find a more productive exercise for growing bigger legs and putting your body in anabolic mode.

The benefits from the squat go well beyond just developing the involved musculature of the thighs, glutes and lower back.

The squat triggers growth throughout the whole body.

Using the squat in conjunction with a hand full of other multi-joint exercises can make anyone gain a lot of muscle.

This combination really makes things happen.

You can also add a testosterone booster to your program for even more gains.  Testosterone boosters act by using natural ingredients to stimulate your body to produce more testosterone.

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> More Energy

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