How strong am I?

How strong am I?

So you’ve been working out for a while now and you’ve been making good gains, you may have your own gym set up at home and you may not have a spotting partner, whilst ill advised it’s not always possible to have one – I certainly don’t.  But you want to know what your 1 rep max strength is, however, you do not want to risk injury so what can you do?

Well, it actually can be worked out pretty accurately and is a process that is commonly used by competition lifters.  It is a similar way to work out your max strength as it is to work out how large you can become by lifting weights naturally. - The Maurice & Rydin conversion chart – The Maurice & Rydin conversion chart


Take a look at the chart above, ignore the Italian, unless of course you can speak Italian.

The upper chart is for upper body exercises and the lower for lower body exercises.

Now, the left hand column is your current and actual rep count and the columns running across the top and towards the right is the rep number you’re aiming for.


Therefore, if you are currently doing 3 rep sets go the the third row down and to find your 1 rep max.  If we use the upper chart and are doing 3 reps of 150 pounds/kilo’s to find your 1 rep max you can just multiply 250 by 1.06 which equals 159 pounds/kilo’s.

Likewise, using the lower chart for a deadlift and you are doing 10 reps of 150 pounds/kilo’s you should multiply 150 by 1.15 to find your 1 rep max of 172.5 pounds/kilo’s.

Now, this isn’t completely exact and there maybe some variation but is pretty accurate and based on being a drug free weightlifter and using good and safe exercise form.


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