My Reflex ZMA Review

My Reflex ZMA Review - Reflex Nutrition Zinc Matrix Review – Reflex Nutrition Zinc Matrix Review

However, of the known ingredients to work compared to others on the market this is a sort of midway point and that Reflex Nutrition have been around since 1996 and have very big ambitions and high standards.  They have a full range of product to cater for all goals and sports.  They also have high environmental standards with their labs using 100% renewable energy to produce their supplements.  Reassuringly, a full money back guarantee is available on all products.

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First Look:

I don’t think Reflex have ever changed their branding or style.  It has always been black packaging with a holographic style wraparound label – I suppose it looks kind of futuristic…if you were in the 1980’s, now it looks a bit shit to be honest when up against the competition.  I know Reflex Nutrition are an established brand, however, many newcomers onto the fitness scene probably don’t and this looks dated and backwards, products from Maxinutrition look much more appealing to the layman.


Magnesium – 375mg

Zinc – 30mg

Vitamin B6 – 10.5mg

Copper – 1mg

Boron – 1mg

Well, as we know the top 3 ingredients are great for natural testosterone production, copper, as we discovered in my MusclePharm Z – Core PM review doesn’t help with testosterone production at all but boron is known to help increase testosterone among other benefits such as building strong bones and muscle co-ordination. Boron is also found in one of our top 3 testosterone boosters: Prime Male.

Magnesium – Research into magnesium supplementation also increased testosterone production in men.

Vitamin B6 – Studies prove that a lack of vitamin B6 leads to a decrease in testosterone.

Zinc – Studies show that this has a link with healthy testosterone production.

Boron – Known to help testosterone production, build strong bones and help with muscle co-ordination.

Copper – High levels of copper are correlated with low testosterone.

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Testosterone boosting ingredients


4 capsules a day (if you can remember to do that) and each bottle contains 100 capsules.


ZMA’s offer testosterone support rather than full blown production increase and hence their slightly cheaper price, the Reflex offering does provide you with fair amount of ingredient content plus the effective Boron which is a bonus, the copper not so.


I’m not to keen on the copper content, however, of the known ingredients to work compared to others on the market this is a sort of midway point and that is reflected in the price too which in my mind goes against their high standards and ambitions, surely you want to be providing the best on the market and not just mediocre?

My Reflex Matrix ZMA Conclusion:

Okay, Reflex are nearly there, they’ve also added Boron to give it an edge over other ZMA products and they have kept the price point of 23USD/15GPB/21EUR/31AUD  fairly tight, however, for me this just goes against their philosophy and it seems the product is really not reaching any new heights when I really want them to.


A lazy 3/5

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