Hydrapharm Alchemy Aromatase Inhibitor And Testosterone Booster Review

Hydrapharm Alchemy Aromatase Inhibitor And Testosterone Booster Review

This supplement claims to stimulate more testosterone secretion by preventing the process of aromatase.

Yet, how effective can a supplement be that has very few studies available and only seem to be beneficial in animals?

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Hydrapharm Alchemy First Look

What does aromatase mean?

Well, it is the process whereby your body converts testosterone in to estrogen. As a guy looking to pack on muscle and increase libido this is not the conversions you want.

I myself go through many conversions per year. That is conversion of hard earned money in to weird, rare shit cars.

I’m in the process of buying a shit car now. To be honest I am always in the process of buying a shit car and then I sell them after a couple of months use or when I get bored.

However, this time it will be over. I spend way too much time looking, researching, bidding and then travelling to collect them.

I do not use the car so much now I have moved and I leave my car on the street when parked up so this leaves plenty of opportunity for people to scrape it and for it to get utterly filthy.

Plus, I doubt I can get bored with a car that I use merely once or twice per week.


Which brings me on to this aromatase and testosterone booster supplement from Hydrapharm…well it doesn’t actually, it is completely unrelated.

Well okay, it does in some sort of way.

You see, I like many guys I know swap and change lots of different supplements.

You use one bottle or tub then it is on to the next thing which looks fun and dangerous. Because if it looks dangerous, it’s gotta work, right?

Well, no, not exactly. However, with so many product promising so many things it is hard not to get distracted.

And, this is how my car buying game goes. I have a completely reliable Toyota Camry. It works, it never fails and that should be enough for me.

However, I cannot help but look for the next risky alternative.

Soft top convertible in winter? Why not! Huge massive oversized truck for city driving around narrow, small European city? Makes perfect sense. Small Italian sports car that is 20 years old to drive across a continent. What could possibly go wrong?

The thing is, in every scenario the Toyota is perfectly perfect. It’s got full leather, good a/c, a great heater, reasonably economical and sunroof for a bit of wind in your hair.

But we cannot help but wonder…

This is the same for supplements. Military Muscle is great, the #1 in fact.

Yet, there’s so much temptation to try something else, even if we are unsure of the result, so it could be a waste of time.

Therefore, let us do the testing, and then you can make the informed choice whether to stray or not.

Who Makes Alchemy?

So…let’s take a look at Alchemy.

It sounds straight out of a laboratory, but it is also the name of a bar close to my office. You do the math.

However, on one particular supplement retailer website this is a best seller, which must either mean it is effective or the marketing is on point.

To be fair, it does look professional and highly researched, like a tortured monkey in a facility.

That said, I cannot find any information about Hydrapharm which is slightly odd.

A web search brings up very little useful information, therefore, I’, a bit stuck and cannot tell you a great deal about the manufacturers.

Aromastase Inhibitor Claims

Okay, because I cannot find anything about Hydrapharm online I will regurgitate what I can find on a site that sells it.

Alchemy is claimed to prevent the aromatase of testosterone to estrogen, as a result this should help increase muscle size and improve strength.

Your mood and libido should see improvement, and you should notice a reduction in fat mass.

Overall your testosterone levels should be increased.

Ingredients: The Evidence

hydrapharm alchemy ingredients panel


It is thought that naringenin has a range of beneficial factors such as it being an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and being able to improve the metabolism of carbohydrates.

That is the theory anyway, in practice, the human body can barely absorb this flavone.

There was also a study involving rats that demonstrated that naringenin did not affect the production of androgens that would increase testosterone levels. [1] [2]

Abieta-8 11 13-trien-18-oic acid (DEHYDROABIETIC ACID DHAA, Pine Rosin Extract)

There is not a great deal of reliable or reputable sources online that can offer solid insight regarding DHAA.

But what little information we can find is that it may be help prevent a hormone imbalance and it may also be an anti-inflammatory.

As such it may be able to help treat obesity related diabetes.

But, the only hormone related activity we can find is relating to fish, not humans not even rats or mice. [3][4]


This is interesting to say the least.

I could only really find one related study which states that this is 2.2 less effective than a drug called Letrozole which is used as a aromatase inhibitor for women who are suffering from breast cancer.

This then, sort of sounds promising…but is it really?

There’s barely any studies available for a start and if you research Letrozole you are to take 2.5mg per day by mouth, therefore the 7mg per pill to be taken stacks up.

However, Letrozole can cause a few unwanted side effects such as:

  • Hot flushes
  • Bone fractures
  • Hair loss
  • Increased sweating
  • Nausea

The list literally goes on and on…

So do you really want to use something with very little research and the closest thing it is likely to be like can leave you bald and with dry skin?

I think the real lack of studies available can be a roulette on your health. [5] [6]


We’re instructed to take up to 2 capsules per day.

It is recommended that we have at least 4 tablets spread evenly across the day so your body can use the ingredients over the course of the day.

A daily serving is really low, like proper low at just 174mg. It is not up there with better products such as Prime Male.


This is a bit wayward in terms of solid effects and benefits.

Naringenin seems to offer some anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects but the human body cannot effectively absorb it.

DHAA seems to be great as an anti-estrogenic but this has only been studied on fish.

7-hydroxy-4-imidazolyl-flavan is the one which could potentially make or break this product.

However, it seems so un-researched and if it offers anywhere near the potential side effects of Letrozole it is a big risk to take.

Plus, these side effects of Letrozole are extremely common, not just a few certain people who react badly to the drug.


None of the three ingredients have deep and detailed research papers available which outlines the exact benefits of each.

It seems they are all a little vague and inconclusive of what they offer.

Plus two of them only seem to be tested and effective in either a fish or rats with no human research or testing available.

The odd one out may just offer some great anti-aromatase effects, yet with just one bit of study available online and it not being quite as strong as a drug used for breast cancer treatment and potentially offering up a whole host of negative side effects it just does not seem like a good option.

It is as if Hydrapharm have latched on to a small bit of vaguely relevant researched and gone with it producing a product based on just that one study.

It is not something I am comfortable with.

Hydrapharm Alchemy Review Conclusion

 PROS – Seems to be an anti-inflammatory at best

 CONS – Too few studies available to offer any conclusive evidence that it supresses aromatase

What is this product?

I think it is easier to say that it isn’t an effective testosterone booster or prevent aromatase.

It may not help you block estrogen either, unless you are a rainbow trout fish, which I assume you are not.

If it does help inhibit aromatase which it appears to do so just 2.2 times less effective than Letrozole which is used to treat breast cancer, it could also come with some of the unwanted side effects such as fatigue and high blood pressure.

This also fails to include many of the vitamins and minerals which produce the best testosterone boosters.

It also fails to include DIM which is anti-estrogenic, so much so, professional athletes eat raw broccoli which contains large quantities of DIM.

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts.


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2 thoughts on “Hydrapharm Alchemy Aromatase Inhibitor And Testosterone Booster Review

  1. Hi , I’m a woman and I bought alchemy to reduce a little my estrogen.
    But based on your reviews it is not the best . Can you recommend something more effective for a woman . I read that the suicide inhibidor are not good for a woman .

    1. Hi,
      Are you looking to decrease estrogen and elevate test levels?

      There’s many health benefits for women if they naturally increase their testosterone levels.

      Read the following articles below:


      Therefore, the best supplement would be Prime Male – ignore the name!

      It contains natural ingredients to help raise your natural test levels, lower inflammation and reduce estrogen so you get the full benefits. It has a money back guarantee, too.

      There’s a woman that I know of who uses this and says she feels great.


      I hope this helps.

      Best wishes, Ben.

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