Impotent Men Are At An Increased Risk Of Osteoporosis

Impotent Men Are At An Increased Risk Of Osteoporosis

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There maybe more to impotency and erectile dysfunction that already thought. Not only is impotency distressing enough, there may also be a risk of osteoporosis!

It seems that for men over the age of 40 years, impotency is the most common sexual problem. There are many reasons behind impotency and they can be in the form of psychological, lifestyle, and even diet.

It seems now that osteoporosis is another to add to the list.

Modern research has discovered that men who have either psychogenic or organic impotency have a 3 times more likely chance to develop osteoporosis than men with out any impotency issues.

However it get worse with age. Start getting over 40 and that risk increases to 3.6 times that of men without impotency and over 60 it lowers slightly to 3.5 times. Never the less, alarming statistics all round.

What Is Osteoporosis?

What was once considered a side effect of postmenopausal women, osteoporosis is now a threat to men. It is a metabolic bone disease in which the bones become brittle, porous and thus increasing the risk of fracture and bone loss.

Why Does It Happen? 

It seems the cause could be the lower testosterone levels men who suffer from impotency have. Androgens play a critical role in the regulation of bone formation in men. It does appear that men who do have lower levels of testosterone see a higher risk of fractures.

This is mirrored by men who have undergone testosterone deprivation therapy who have then seen an increase in fractures.

Inflammation seems to be another cause, it does seem that the same inflammatory cytokines which damage the endothelium which can cause erectile dysfunction in the penis may also be behind osteoporosis too.

Vitamin D, the wonder vitamin that is turned in to a hormone by the skin is also to blame, or rather the lack of it. Men who are deficient in Vitamin D may suffer a loss of bone mass which in turn leads to osteoporosis as Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health.

How Can You Help Prevent It?

  • Avoid smoking, lower alcohol and increase exercise training in order to maintain a healthy weight
  • Consume at least 1000mg of calcium per day, increase this to 1200mg for men over 71 years
  • Either catch some rays (safely) or supplement with Vitamin D3 tablets. Even better if that supplement has D3 and Boron which is known as an anti-inflammatory. Try Prime Male which not only contains these too ingredients but a wealth of other testosterone stimulating content too.

You can read more about how to stimulate more testosterone production here.

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