Red Wine Drinkers Have Better Sex

Red Wine Drinkers Have Better Sex





What is your tipple?

Mine has somehow progressed (if that is the correct word) from Guinness to white wine and prosecco.

I also know there are certain drinks that I definitively shouldn’t drink or drink too much of.

Generally speaking spirits or ‘hard liquor’ is a no go area as it completely wipes me out, I once woke up from a Apple Sourz induced coma surrounded by paramedics in my college days because my room mate thought I had meningitis due to the allergic reaction.

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Deep Red

However, when you are your partner head over to pick the grocery’s from the store and are planning a cosy night in, you may wish to grab a bottle of red wine.

The same can be said for a night in a restaurant with a special someone.

There are studies out now that will suggest and almost strong arm you in to getting that red wine if you want to enhance your sexual experience after a tipple or two.

The reasoning is based on a few theories…


Drinking in moderation does not necessarily inhibit testosterone which is key for libido.

However, stick to drinking in moderation because anything more than a few drinks in a day can completely destroy your testosterone levels, as you can read here.

Further studies have seen that the erogenous zones for women experience increased blood flow, this can heighten arousal and increase lubrication.

Another result from the study showed that women who drank red wine had a higher sex drive than those who drank other types of alcohol.

Polyphenols, which are present in red wine are also able to help prevent impotency upto 14% and red wine also contains histamines that may be able to improve your sex drive too.

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It seems the French have been right all along…


As already mentioned, if you drink more than three drinks per day and stat hitting the ‘excessive’ drinking barrier of five drinks per day your hormones will become unbalanced causing:

  • Fertility issues
  • Weight increase
  • Decreased testosterone in men
  • Increased testosterone in women

Overall, it is probably better not to drink before sex, but, if drinks are definitely on the cards be sure that it is red wine that you order.

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