Insane Labs INSANE CUTZ Fat Burner Review // Can It Be Trusted?

Insane Labs INSANE CUTZ Fat Burner Review // Can It Be Trusted?

The most important quality of a supplement is not necessarily the price, but the proven effectiveness of the nutrients.

Unfortunately this offers very little of the latter.

LAST UPDATED: September 2019 by Ben.

Insane Cutz First Look

When searching for an effective fat burner supplement, ingredients and doses are king.

Not the packaging, not the branding but the content.

If it was based on branding alone, this would turn me off.

This is another fairly immature looking product from Insane Labz who’s target market appears to be 15 year old gamers..

I understand that this is the route they are heading down but for some this kind of style of branding would not be considered as a serious or trustworthy product.

And, regardless of the ingredients, confidence and trust is key for most, especially if the consumer is not particularly clued up on ingredients.

By trying to make the product look illegal it almost does the reverse.

If it was illegal or contain any ‘insane’ ingredients it would more likely come delivered by your man on the street corner in an unbranded bag, yo.

However, as much as I bang on about it, the design does draw you in slightly…if purely for curiosities sake.

You cannot help think that the effects would be quiet extreme and ‘insane’, but surely it would never get past the FDA, would it?

I was the first on the office and amongst my buddies to get hold of this so want to give my honest opinion by dissecting each ingredient to assess its effectiveness and safety.

TL:DR – Video Review

Who are Insane Labz?

Believe it or not, Insane Labz are not the brainchild of a 13 year old boy. If they were, he’s doing well in his design technology assignment.

However, when on their website and searching through their company history it is reassuring to come face to face with a horror style hockey mask.

Furthermore, a popup live chat comes up, supposedly we are about to talk a person called the ‘Mad Chemist’.

You’d have to be mad to consider buying something from this bunch of schemers.

Okay, okay, may be I am being overly harsh, but I want to be able to place some trust in a supplement I am going to ingest and hopefully improve my physical performance.

In the same breath, reading their blurb does offer some useful insight.

They claim to produce supplements that are effective and tasty.

Plus each batch is tested for purity and potency.

I’m warming to Insane Labz a bit more…

‘…Insane Labz is a company committed to bringing you cutting edge products…’

Insane Cutz Claims

There is not a great deal of information on their website about what each product does, apart from it being categorised as a fat burner or a pre workout etc.

However, on the packaging it does allude to the fact that this supplement will ‘murder your fat cells’.

That sounds fairly promising.

Insane Cutz should also increase focus, energy and fat loss.

It also says ‘intense’ on the bottle, too. I’m not sure what it is relating too but a shark attack is intense as is cleaning my bathroom so I will keep an open mind regarding that.

Ingredients: Inside the Laboratory

the ingredients panel for insane labz insane cuts fat burner


Juniperus Communis (Juniper)

Juniper is a plant, and a popular one at that. There’s more information about how to tend for your garden than the benefits of taking juniper.

However, there does seem to be some medicinal benefits, albeit being very dose sensitive.

It does seem that juniper can help protect brain function and posses anti-inflammatory plus anti-oxidant effects.

For those who are diabetic juniper does seem to increase the levels of good cholesterol and reduce blood glucose levels.

But the studies confirm that more research is required to see just how humans can benefit.

There’s also some risk if juniper is taken over a long period of time orally as it may have a negative effect on the kidneys and other organs. [1] [2]

Caffeine (1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine)

Studies have demonstrated that caffeine can contribute to a reduction of fat mass because of its thermogenic and fat oxidation effects.

We have also discovered that it increases focus, endurance and even muscle recovery times.

This gives you more opportunity to get in the gym more and for longer. [3]


Dandelion is full of vitamins, and can generally help towards improving health.

However, as a fat burner there is no evidence to prove that it is effective.

As such, there’s not real requirement for its inclusion.

It may also cause skin irritation to those who have particularly sensitive skin. Proceed with caution. [4] [5]


Yohimbe does seem to offer mixed results regarding fat loss with much of the proof being anecdotal rather than scientific.

It may also help with the effects of depression and even improve athletic performance but nothing seems absolute concrete.

On a further and more serious note, yohimbe does appear to have some very strong negative side effects which can lead to seizures and strokes.

If you are suffering from PTSD it can make the symptoms worse and there’s even reports of increased suicidal thoughts. [6] [7]

Rauwolfia Vomitoria

Included because it also has similar effects to yohimbe which are touted to benefit fat loss, even though the proof is flaky.

Rauwolfia vomitoria does have the benefit of helping to prevent further build up of fat mass rather than burn fat stores.

However, rauwolfia vomitoria consists of slightly altered properties that do not reduce any of the associated risks with yohimbe.

So what we have are two ingredients in this product that have uncertain benefits but lots of certain health risks. [8]


Bipoerine has no effect on fat mass, calorie expenditure or appetite control.

However, its ace card is making the other ingredients more bio-available, and therefore more effective and less wasteful. [9]


A couple of things to note about octopamine is the fact it is:

a) Not tested on humans

b) Somehow then banned by the WADA as a simulatory substance.

How they can deduce the latter from the lack of the former is quite funny.

However, regardless of the lack of human studies while it is thought to have fat burning abilities we cannot be sure, because, ahem, its not tested effectively on humans.

That said, there’s some theories that it may help reduce stress related incontinence in females. So if that is any issue for you, maybe try this product.

However, this incontinence relief is thought to be beneficial when dosed at 15-30mg.

Unfortunately this whole product ingredients list falls within a proprietary blend so we have no idea how much of each ingredient is included.

There’s also highly speculative thoughts based on octopamines role as a neurological regulator, but these still remain highly speculative and there’s no circumstantial evidence.

[10] [11]



The recommended daily allowance is 1 pill daily.

We prefer 4 pills spread across the day to evenly spread the nutrients out and prevent massive peaks and troughs.

A daily serving is a less than an adequate devilish 666mg which is really, very poor.

More so considering this is a proprietary blend of ingredients.

The best fat burner products have around 3000mg and no proprietary blend.


There’s only 1 reliably effective and safe ingredient present in this fat burner.

Yes, just 1.

That is caffeine, but we do not know how much is dosed due to the proprietary blend that Insane Labz are adamant on imposing on us.

Yohimbe has some evidence to show it is effective at fat burning but the potential harmful side effects are not worth the risk.

This is then reiterated with rauwolfia vomitoria which posses very similar properties.

Juniper may have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects, however, more research is required to clarify these claims.

Bioperine aids absorption which is good to have. Or at least it would have been if there were any decent ingredients included here.


Most of the ingredients do not have conclusive scientific studies behind their ‘effectiveness’ and appear to be based on traditional remedies.

That’s all well and good but science overrides anecdotal ‘evidence’.

There’s also the proprietary blend which conceals the exact ingredient profile breakdown. Therefore we may only have trace amounts of caffeine and the rest being filler.

This is completely legal and anything that has such a blend really reduces my confidence in a product.

It is fair to say that a proprietary blend is one of the biggest scams in the fitness industry.

I am also concerned of the range of ingredients that are potentially harmful.

50% can throw up adverse side effects when being ingested which is an alarming percentage.

The overall daily dose would need to be multiplied 4 times to be competitive with the best fat burners on the market today.

I just have to say again that I think the design of this product will put people off who are older than 17.

There is just too much uncertainty of how beneficial it can be but lots of concern over the potential health risks.

Insane Labz Insane Cutz Fat Burner Conclusion

This product is quite frankly dismal.

There’s not enough researched and proven ingredients in the correct doses for it to even compete with the best products on the market.

Nothing is more conclusive than the woeful 1 out 7 overall ingredients being effective and safe.

This speaks volumes of its (lack of) usefulness.

It also has the proprietary blend which send the biggest alarm bells ringing.

Then there is a high element of risk with some of the untested and lack of qualified ingredients included.

There’s far too little going on and missing far too many decent, well regarded ingredients such as Cayenne, B12, B6, Zinc, Glucomman and Green Coffee to name a few.

This will not be effective like Instant Knockout which I use.














> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals

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4 thoughts on “Insane Labs INSANE CUTZ Fat Burner Review // Can It Be Trusted?

    1. It would depend on what your pain killers are. I would consult a pharmacist to be exactly sure, particularly if they are prescription drugs.

  1. My son and i go to the gym at least 4 times a week if not more. He wanted to tey a fat burner so we went to a local supplement store and they recommend insane cutz. Well he has been taking it and has no problems and is losing weight. (we eat mostly healthy as my other son goes to the gym 6 days a week) well ive taken them and since then ive had chest pains along with indigestion. Im hoping after today and not taking them anymore the pains will go away and be no issues, if not well i will be in tge emergency room tomorrow, but i didnt have any of this until i started taking them. Im a very healthy person. Its very scary and if this is from taking those well they need to label them with side effects.

    1. There’s too many ingredients present that can cause some issues with this product. Obviously this is on a person-to-person basis and while one may be fine it may offer some unpleasant side effects for others. Probably best not to use the product again and see how you feel for 24 hours.

      I remember Tribulus would give me terrible indigestion.

      Obviously if the problems persist speak to a medical professional and talk about the product and the ingredients. Do not throw away the packaging if it is needed by the professional you are seeking help from.

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