IronMaxx ZORN Pre Workout Review

IronMaxx ZORN Pre Workout Review

IronMaxx ZORN  Pre Workout First Look:

I tried this as it came in a sachet, I ripped it open and dumped the near blinding powder which made me sneeze. I had got raspberry flavor.

I filled my shaker with water and shook the contents to see the gritty contents swirl around,then I took a big gulp to find the taste wasn’t too unpleasant.

I am looking forward to trying this product because I have squats tonight as well as bench press, both of which I haven’t trained due to annoying rugby injuries.

I have already found the best Pre-Workout formula I have ever come across which I use for rugby and I just wanted to try something else to see if it would compare.


Zinc – An aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster, but it will only raise testosterone levels if the user is deficient in zinc.

Zinc is also very important for the functioning of the enzyme, hormone, and immune systems.In very high doses, zinc can act as an aromatase inhibitor and reduce estrogen levels. It is also a potent antioxidant and can provide benefits for prostate issues.

Selenium – No conclusive proof even when supplemented with Zinc that selenium increases testosterone levels.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth.

Vitamin C – Its antioxidant properties mean vitamin C provides neuroprotective effects and benefits for blood flow. By protecting the testes from oxidative stress, vitamin C can also preserve testosterone levels.

Vitamin E – Humans in tests have shown to have low testosterone if they are deficient of Vitamin E.

Thiamin (Vitamin B1) – Helps the body’s cells change carbohydrates into energy. The main role of carbohydrates is to provide energy for the body, especially the brain and nervous system.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 helps testosterone levels by stimulating androgen (a steroid hormone that acts as a precursor for testosterone) receptors in your body, making your testes produce testosterone.

Folic Acid (Vit. B9) – There’s many benefits of Folic Acid, treating kidney problems is one of them. Folic acid can also help produce more testosterone along with B12 but also necessary to form red blood cells and is also necessary in the formation of DNA.

Vitamin B12 – Studies show that people who are anaemic tend not to have high levels of testosterone because they cannot absorb vitamin B12.

Copper – studies have shown that people with high amounts of copper actually have lower testosterone levels; it always puzzles me as to why manufacturers would include this.

Chromium – Chromium supplements are promoted as being helpful in building muscle and burning fat and in helping the body use carbohydrates. But this has not been proved.

Manganese – A number of manganese-activated enzymes play important roles in the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, and cholesterol.

However, when supplemented with calcium and magnesium it lowers the bio-availability of Manganese.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – One of 8 B vitamins. All B vitamins help the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which the body uses to produce energy.

These B vitamins, often referred to as B complex vitamins, also help the body use fats and protein. B complex vitamins are needed for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver.

They also help the nervous system function properly and is critical to the manufacture of red blood cells.

Niacinamide (Vit B3) –  Higher amounts of niacin can improve cholesterol levels and lower cardiovascular risks and maybe symptoms for Alzheimer’s . However, the jury is out on these real benefits.

Beta-alanine  – Supplementation of this non essential amino acid aids the production of carnosine. That’s a compound that plays a role in muscle endurance in high-intensity exercise.

That said, studies have been small and not entirely conclusive.

Caffeine – It stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), heart, muscles, and the centers that control blood pressure to give you an extra boost and hit that PB.

Caffeine Anhydrous is the purest form of caffeine so always look out for it.

This is found in 4 Gauge which is the best pre-workout.

Creatine – A well regarded supplement.

Supplementation increases creatine storage and promotes a faster regeneration of adenosine triphosphate between high intensity exercises. These improved outcomes will increase performance and promote greater training adaptations.

L-Citrulline – this is used as a sports performance and cardiovascular health supplement. L-Citrulline supplementation results in reduced fatigue and improved endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic prolonged exercise. An increase in growth hormone has been noted with exercise, but not at rest.

Sodium – There are mechanisms in place for sodium bicarbonate to be a fat-burning agent (it increases ketone production and lipolysis and causes a minor increase in metabolic rate), but these have not yet been linked to actual weight loss in trials.

L-Arginine – This is found in many pre workout supplements or products designed to make you more vascular. L-Arginine opens up the blood vessels and arteries to assist with blood flow, nothing really to do with testosterone but may assist with any impotency issues that are not helping you attain that hot chick in the gym who is 15 years your junior but only if you have 5g a day!

Iron – Iron is an important mineral to include in a healthy balanced diet. It has many important functions in the body, but its most important role is in preventing anaemia. Anemic people tend to have low testosterone.

Tyrosine – Tyrosine is taken for depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the inability to stay awake (narcolepsy), and improving alertness following sleep deprivation.

It is also used for stress, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS).

Cayenne Pepper – The hot and spicy taste of cayenne pepper comes from capsaicin, a compound found in many hot peppers. Capsaicin is known to boost metabolism, causing the body to produce extra heat and burn more calories for fuel. This is found in our favorite fat burner Instant Knockout.

Reservatrol – In tests resveratrol improved inflammatory and atherogenic status in subjects at risk for cardiovascular disease, as well as in patients with established coronary heart disease, however, its bioavailability is relatively low because it is rapidly metabolized and eliminated. Clinical trials in healthy people are limited.

BioPerine (Piper nigrum)The extract of piperine, called BioPerine®  in the patented form, has been clinically tested in the United States.

BioPerine®  significantly enhances the bioavailability of various supplement nutrients through increased absorption.

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) – Ginger has a great ability to reduce body weight without inhibiting pancreatic lipase level, or affecting bilirubin concentration, with positive effect on increasing peroxisomal catalase level and HDL-cholesterol.

L-Carnosine – Carnosine is important for many normal body functions including the proper function and development of the muscles, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, and many other organs.

There is some interest in using carnosine to prevent aging because it seems to interfere with certain chemicals that might play a role in the aging process.

Yet, there’s actually very little evidence to suggest it does any of these things.

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2 scoops with water.

This provides 72479.166mg. That is a colossal amount. Nearly as much as the universe.

Smash it 30 minutes prior to training.


There’s a lot present here.

A mind boggling amount to be honest.

However, 21 of the ingredients do offer benefits to the user.

With 400mg of caffeine though I felt awake. Not buzzing or particularly jittery but awake nonetheless.

However, what I fail to experience is that real feeling of energy.

That tingling sensation and the feeling of a pump was missing.

Realistically there are only 4 ingredients here that would really benefit from just having taken the supplement and if it wasn’t a regular dose you were receiving.

It is unlikely having the odd dose of Creatine will provide immediate effects like L-Arginine and Caffeine would.


I certainly didn’t feel like a rabid dog, not like when I took 4 Gauge anyway…

While there is a massive dose there’s also 3 proprietary blends in present.

A proprietary blend does not disclose the exact amount of each ingredient included.

So for L-Arginine to have any benefit we need 5000mg, however, we may only receive 100mg ad there is no way of telling. This could be the reason I didn’t feel much when I took it.

There’s also 7 ingredients present that are not proven to offer any benefit plus many ingredients that would be more beneficial if they were found in a supplement that was to be taken daily. Not on the odd occasion.

Some may find the level of caffeine just too high.Considering a can of Red Bull is only 74mg.

IronMaxx ZORN  Pre Workout Review Conclusion:

This seems to be more appropriate being a highly caffeinated multi-vitamin rather than an effective pre-workout formula.

A lack of real effective ingredients plus a secret proprietary blend which conceals the actual ingredient breakdown meaning those ingredients that are effective may not be dosed accordingly and it felt like it wasn’t either.

Overall I felt awake. However, I didn’t have that feeling of animalistic raw energy and power I have felt with other pre-workouts.

If you wanted a daily multivitamin with a massive kick up the ass this would probably be ideal but realistically it wouldn’t do you too much good with all of that caffeine.



Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

Ben established this site to be a free resource in 2015. Since then it has gained over half a million visits. He has always been interested in sport and he started playing rugby at the age of 6 represented his town, county and school. Ben also enjoys cycling, has started skiing and is in the Army Reserve representing his Regiment as part of the 150 Regimental Shooting Team. He holds a bachelor's and postgraduate degree in sport exercise & nutrition.

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