Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout Review

Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout Review

Battle Ready Fuel have produced a supplement that can charge your workouts. And, who would know better than special forces operators to achieve maximum impact?

That’s why Ollie Ollerton has formulated this pre workout which combines 21 ingredients to provide you with the best hit to smash your goals which has quite literally transformed my gym performance.

Read on to find out how it helped me perform in the gym and in my Army phys sessions.

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Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout First Look

It can be hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym, or hit the field. Especially if your exercise regime is first thing in the morning.

As a result there is a wealth of options available to help energize your workout so you can get the best from your time spent in the gym.

Ollie Ollerton and the team behind Battle Ready Fuel have developed a pre workout supplement that can not only boost your energy levels but also focus your mind and protect your muscle as you train hard, like an SF operator.

It goes without saying that this is not a half hearted attempt to make their mark on the pre workout market.

It looks good, of a high quality, suitable for vegetarians and tastes great.

I have been using this pre workout for the past 2 months, be it for my spin bike sessions, before army fitness sessions or just hammering away at the weights and it has become my ‘go-to’ supplement to fuel my energy levels while helping my muscle recover.


Who Are Battle Ready Fuel?

An ex-SF operator named Ollie Ollerton is the driving force behind this range of supplements which aim to enhance your training regime and fuel your workouts.

Ollie has been involved in many different tours of duty and being special forces, there’s a requirement to be physically and mentally robust.

So, if anyone knows the importance of being physically and mentally fit, it is him.

This is where BRF pre workout comes in to help you with your own fitness battles.

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Transparency and trust is a major concern for Battle Ready Fuel, as such, the nutrient profile is transparent  and does not consist of a proprietary blend.

This means we are able to track down exactly what is contained and how much of each ingredient we are taking per dose.

A transparent list of ingredients is great for a safety and value perspective, but also for scientific analysis.

Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout Ingredients panel

Vitamin C

A lot of people are probably aware of vitamin C and its use to combat the symptoms of the common cold and also understand that vitamin C is important for health.

However, few are likely to be aware of its vast array of benefits to health and see it purely as a way to combat the symptoms of the common cold. [1]

As a result, seeing it as part of a pre-workout supplement may confuse some people. Yet, there’s a lot more to this vitamin than you may initially appreciate.

Overall Health Benefits

There is evidence that vitamin C can protect and maintain your internal microenvironment and determines the Redox balance which can be responsible for diseases associated high blood pressure, obesity, immunity and neurodegenerative illness. [2]

So, in short, everything a special forces operator needs to keep in check, in order to maintain optimal health and operational capability.

However, for us, using this product we will be most concerned about how it can improve cognitive function, that is focus, memory and thinking abilities.

Brain Function

Research has demonstrated that those who suffer from dementia are low on vitamin C, and that low levels of vitamin C are also related to reduced memory and thinking abilities. [3] [4]

As a result, theoretically you may think that vitamin C is good for cognitive function. That hypothesis is qualified by a study which associated vitamin C with cognitive protection. [5]


It has often been considered and even preached that vitamin C is required for L-carnitine production, which in turn uses long chain fatty acids to fuel energy release, however, this has since been disputed. It is now considered that vitamin C is not required for l-carnitine. [6]

So, does vitamin C help energize us at all?

What is interesting is that one of the first signs of vitamin C depletion is actually fatigue.

Therefore, to avoid feelings of tiredness, you need vitamin C. Okay this is not like the stimulant hit like you would get from caffeine but is the very basis of having enough energy to carry out everyday tasks. [7]

In addition, vitamin C is concentrated in multiple tissues of your body, yet stores of this water soluble vitamin are easily and rapidly depleted. [8] As such, it has become evident that there is a high rate of vitamin C deficiency which spans across different demographics. [9]

Therefore, at a serving of 200mg this pre workout supplement is a great way to ensure that you have enough vitamin C in your diet, after-all, your body cannot produce it itself.


Potassium is vital for good overall health. Much like vitamin C, a deficiency of this vital macromineral can lead to a number of health concerns.

In fact it has been discovered by analyzing data from a period of nearly 15 years that an intake high in potassium correlates with a reduction of all cause mortality. [10] These findings did not differ significantly regardless of race, physical size, wealth, gender or lifestyle.

As with vitamin C, low levels of potassium can make fuel feelings of low energy and fatigue. [11]

Furthermore, with relevance to exercise performance, low levels of potassium are associated with:

  • Decreased muscular strength [12]
  • Respiratory problems [13]
  • Cognitive decline [14]


As with potassium, high levels of this nutrient reduce overall mortality rates. [15]

Therefore, one could argue based on that, including magnesium in this supplement is worthy enough.

However, there is more…

Magnesium is able to help you sleep, which is great for muscular and mental recovery, but in addition, it can also help reduce anxiety. [16] [17]

Moreover, magnesium is required for fundamental energy production and there is evidence that this mineral can improve physical performance, such as strength, and decrease the damage that stress can bring to the cardiovascular system.  [18] [19] [20]

Furthermore, a study by the University of Bristol demonstrated that magnesium along with vitamin D is able to reduce the risk of bone fractures. Magnesium is also important to fuel muscle contraction.

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

From a pre workout supplement perspective pantothenic acid is a fantastic addition.

That is because it converts fats, carbohydrates and proteins in to much needed energy, fueling your gym sessions. [21]

Pantothenic acid also creates red blood cells which provide organs and muscles with oxygen and other nutrients. [22]

Therefore, you could say it is important.

And, being a B vitamin, this means it is water soluble and cannot be stored by the body. This means we need to top up our levels on a regular basis, like fuel needed to keep a car running.

We can get most of our requirements from food sources, but a deficiency in pantothenic acid can result in muscle spasms, fatigue and even insomnia. [23]


As with every ingredients we have analyzed thus far, the element, zinc is important to human health. Without it, you’re going to struggle.

And, it is those who eat a diet that lacks a lot of meat who are more likely to be deficient due to its lower bio-availability from cereal and vegetable sources. [24]

Reduced levels of dietary zinc can result in anemia, and thus not providing enough oxygen to your tissues, stunted development and growth as well as abnormally low testosterone levels. [25]

Furthermore, reduced levels of zinc are related to cognitive impairment. [26] While notwithstanding the implications low zinc has on the skeleton and central nervous system. [27]

It must also be noted that we lose zinc through sweating, particularly when we exercise. Therefore, it is imperative to replace lost minerals, such as zinc, when we exercise. [28]

Battle Ready Fuel pre workout supplement tub

Vitamin B1

B1 or Thiamine is another B vitamin that is vital to help the body convert your food consumption (particularly carbohydrates) in to much needed energy. The benefits do not stop there, either. Thiamine is required to help the healthy function of the cardiovascular and nervous systems along with brain health. [29]

Furthermore, a reduced intake of B1 can lead to a deficiency which can be highlighted by muscular cramping, multiple pains, confusion and fatigue. [30]

In severe and extreme cases, a deficiency can prove fatal as it can limit aerobic metabolism and cause sleep apnea.

Today’s high, yet empty calorie diets fueled by fats, alcohol and simple carbohydrates put many western populations at risk from a deficiency that can be easily avoided. [31]

Vitamin B6

People who are physically active often require an increase of micro-nutrients such as B6, this additional need is for a number of reasons, but one of which is for the increase in tissues maintenance and repair. [32]

What is the importance of B6?

One important and relevant benefit of vitamin B6 is that it can maintain healthy production of hemoglobin [33], this is important, because hemoglobin is a protein which is found in red blood cells that carry oxygen to the organs and muscles so they can function properly. [34]

Moreover, B6 is linked to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, while being involved in lipid metabolism and cognitive function. In fact, it is very much considered to be one of, if not the most versatile coenzyme. [35]

That short number of benefits for B6 is enough, but there’s links to B6 deficiency and low testosterone not withstanding B6 being able to utilize energy from carbohydrates and proteins for your physical workouts. [36]

From this short snippet, I am sure you will agree, B6 is pretty much a necessity to fuel a pre workout supplement.


This is another essential trace element that performs many vital bodily functions. One such function is the reduction of inflammation and thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular related illnesses. In addition to this, a deficiency of selenium is related to a reduced immune system, reduced brain function and even death. [37]

Furthermore, selenium is essential for the health of your thyroid gland where it is found in abundance [38], and your thyroid gland is important for energy metabolism as well as physical growth and fuel development. [39] [40]

There is also evidence that demonstrates selenium has anti-oxidant effects which may prevent the development arthritis and cancers. On the other hand, it can also improve your mood. [41]

Vitamin B12

B12 is another vitamin that plays a role in red blood cell product which can prevent anemia and is required to transport that oxygen to the muscles and take away carbon dioxide to the lungs. [42]

Therefore, naturally, you may relate a lack of B12 with a host of health problems, and you would be correct.

You see, a deficiency of B12 can result in muscle weakness, extreme fatigue and a lack of energy, impaired vision coupled with confusion in addition to further cognitive dysfunction. [43]

Whey Protein

Each serving manages to cram in 13 grams of whey protein. You may think that this is not necessary for a pre workout supplement in the belief that it is required for after a workout session.

However, if you are looking to reduce calorie intake to reduce fat, but still maintain muscle mass, whey protein is particularly effective (moreso than soy) [44] while also being able to enhance power output and fuel muscle growth. [45]

Besides, supplementation of whey protein has been proven to increase anabolism and improve recovery after strenuous physical activity which is exactly what we need from a supplement marketed to us to improve performance. [46]


This is a non-essential amino acid, yet citrulline is important to improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels and creating nitric oxide. Studies have also noted an increase of growth hormone. [47] [48]

This characteristic is great for cardiovascular health and even penis performance.

However, as we are discussing a pre workout supplement it is also good to know that citrulline has proven its ability to delay muscle fatigue and in turn improve muscular performance while reducing soreness and promote energy production. [49] [50]

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

We have briefly looked at CLA in the past as a possible way to burn fat. However, the biggest hurdle is the lack of consistent evidence, particularly the inability to re-create or produce results as compelling as that initial study. This has sparked debate as to whether there are many benefits to CLA at all. [51]

Yet, further study has demonstrated that when coupled with a training regime, CLA, could warrant some extra praise.

That’s because further research has discovered a combination of heavy resistance training and CLA reduces fat mass while increasing lean body mass. [52]

Although, it must be mentioned that high doses can have no benefit whatsoever in regard to power, fatigue or muscular endurance. [53]

Alas, while there are positives from the use of CLA there’s also contradictory results from studies. That is unless CLA is used alongside creatine, whereby the benefits appear to be heightened. [54]

From this often contrasting evidence, it would be prudent to not expect consistent and wondrous results from CLA alone.

Beta Alanine

This is what makes your face tingle, and it can be quite alarming at first, but do not worry. Beta Alanine is a great ingredient to have included.

That is because when effects of beta alanine were analyzed over a large group of participants in numerous studies the overwhelming result was that this non-essential amino acid is able to improve and increase physical exercise capacity. [55]

The benefits of beta alanine to extend to those performing aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, as well as traditionally non-aerobic exercise such as sprints and weight training.

Any additional benefits?

Furthermore, studies show that lean muscle mass can be increased [56], while fat mass can be decreased [57].

If that wasn’t enough, beta alanine has been linked to anti-ageing due to forming carnosine which is reduced naturally as we age. [58]


The use of glutamine is generally only required should your diet not include dairy. Or, if you are very physically active and partake in long bouts of physical exercise.

Glutamine is an amino acid that is found in meats and eggs, so a diet including this will provide an abundant amount in your body.

There is evidence available that confirms this amino acid supports the immune system and intestinal health [59], yet there’s conflicting, or rather, misunderstood evidence stating it can increase muscle building.

This confusion stems from glutamine’s apparent ability to build muscle. However, this appears to be only true, or relevant, when the body is recovering from injury or severe illness. [60]

Yet, when you consider that the notion and practice of weight training induces catabolism, the theory that it would also help athletes does not seem too unrealistic…

Unfortunately, the results from at least two studies (tested on both gender’s) do not suggest that it helps with any significant margin. [61] [62]

Building Muscle or Muscle Recovery?

To confuse matters more, while glutamine seems to have no effect on building muscle for the normal healthy person or athlete, there is evidence that proves it has a role for recovery. This includes reducing muscle soreness and strength loss after bouts of exercise induced muscle damage. [63]

So while there is not an overwhelming amount of positive evidence for glutamine for gaining muscle, it can reduce soreness and help you get back in to the gym again. Furthermore, high doses of up to 30g daily seem to be tolerated well by the body. [64]


This compound is sometimes found in fat burner supplements because it provides mitochondria with long chain fatty acids to produce energy (although any fat loss effect is highly disputed). Further benefits include helping remove toxic compounds. [65]

We generally get most of our carnitine through red meats although other animal sources are good too.

So, we know that carnitine is responsible for the use of long chain fatty acids for energy, but what else? Are there any additional benefits? 

For guys there seems to be an increase of sperm quality [66] and erection performance [67].

The latter associated with the fact that studies have demonstrated carnitine can increase nitric oxide [68] and as a result could be the reason behind the increased blood flow [69].

Furthermore, there’s evidence that carnitine can have a positive impact on cognitive health, albeit limited to elderly people. [70]

However, there’s further effects that are more relevant to exercise and why this supplement as been produced.

That is because, studies of carnitine have also produced evidence to demonstrate that it can improve:

  • Lean mass [71]
  • Anaerobic running capacity [72]
  • Attention [73]
  • Fatigue [74]


We are hit up with yet another amino acid, but before you turn off or skip to the next ingredient, find out why betaine is so important and a great, well considered addition.

Found with high concentrations in seafood’s, too little of it can lead to retention of fats in organs, particularly the liver. This is known as steatosis which can fuel inflammation and trigger a number of chronic diseases . [75]

However, studies have discovered that betaine can protect against disease, protect organs, improve mood [76] and improve athletic performance. [77]

This has been highlighted by increase muscle endurance and repetitions. [78]

Furthermore, betaine functions particularly well with vitamin B12 which is included in this supplement. [79]

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA’s consist of the following 3 amino acids:

  • L-leucine
  • L-valine
  • L-isoleucine

These branched chain amino acids are present in food that are high in protein such as meats and eggs. BCAA’s are often found in whey protein powders and shakes.

In doing so, they can stimulate muscle growth through enhanced protein synthesis [80] [81] and even suppress muscle damage and delayed onset muscle soreness. [82]

Furthermore, BCAA’s have been suggested for use by athletes who are involved in team sports whereby a quick change in speed, intensity and direction is required. [83]

What’s more, when you are performing long bouts of exercise and your carbohydrate stores have been depleted, BCAA’s are then sourced and used along with fat [84] and it has been established that BCAA can also reduce serotonin concentrations which exacerbates fatigue.

Overall, it is concluded from a collection of studies that BCAA can enhance overall exercise performance. [85]


We mainly get taurine though the eggs, meat and sea foods as per other amino acids. It is present within our skeletal muscle but mainly in the heart and retina. [86]

There are a number of health and performance benefits available from taurine according to the studies.

One of which is a reduction of muscle soreness when combined with BCAA’s due to damage incurred by high intensity exercise. [87]

Another is a study which saw middle distance runners improve their times over a 3km time trial. [88]

However, there are also further studies that contradict these results, albeit for different exercises and distances.


The worlds most popular drug. [89] And for good reason, too…

Caffeine has demonstrated in a wide variety of sports to enhance physical performance. Particularly for rugby players, a dose of 200mg was able to enhance repeated sprints by reducing the levels of fatigue. [90]

Furthermore, caffeine may be able to let you train or play at a higher intensity for longer due to its pain perception lowering abilities and perceived exertion. [91]

There’s additional reports of caffeine also having a positive impact on cognitive performance as well, with results from studies concluding improvements in mood, reactions times and alertness. [92]

These overall effects are also compounded by caffeine’s ability to increase and improve vigilance and running times for special forces soldiers during field exercises. [93]

battle ready fuel pre workout and shaker

How to take Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout

You need to throw 2 scoops in to a shaker with cold water.

That will give you a refreshing buzz.

Each serving equates to about 30g. Although this can depend on how high you pile your scoop.

This is a massive dose, and because there is a fully transparent nutrient profile we know exactly what we are getting for each serving.

And, this is the reason why we know it works so well.

Soluble Powder

Being a pre workout, it is in a soluble powered format.

Let’s not forget, we can also get pre workout supplements as pills, too. In fact, there are also pre workout energy bars.

However, this water solubility means that it is effective at transporting these nutrients throughout our body to be absorbed very quickly and fuel your physical efforts, whilst not being affected by any other foods or chemicals. [94]

Whereas the opposite is true for pills or tablets which offer a more gradual and longer lasting effect.


A 450g tube is priced at $49.99/£34.99 there’s also the option to buy using other currencies, such as Euro, CAN/AUS dollars. Not withstanding PayPal payments.

This provides brilliant value for the benefits.

I will not do a workout without it!

In addition, free global shipping is provided as is a 100% money back guarantee.

However, what makes an even better case for buying from Battle Ready Fuel are all of the discounted bundles.

This could comprise of different supplements from their range for maximum effect.



With a product that includes so many proven and beneficial ingredients for such a small outlay is staggering.

Each one of the 21 ingredients has science based facts behind their effects, nothing is included purely on anecdote alone.

That means when you use this pre workout before any strenuous bouts of exercise you are focused and charged, ready to go.

Not only can this pre workout help increase energy levels and focus, it also helps your muscles recovery and reduce DOMS.

This means you can perform harder, for longer and then get back in to the game quicker than your rivals.

It is no secret that I have recently been able to up the ante in the gym.

Increasing the frequency and intensity of my training sessions.

This means I am now performing better with my weightlifting, my cycling and running.

This has paid dividends for when I am training with my Army unit, particularly for shooting competitions that involve ‘attacking’ the ranges with spirited running in to the firing points over varying distances and having to shoot accurately over long distances and while under pressure.

But why is this?

Proven Ingredients

Put simply, we have that extensive nutrient profile, that is transparent and able to restore lost electrolytes through sweat and urine.

Not only that, with many diets containing unrefined carbs and sugars causing nutrient deficiencies, this extensive profile will ensure your body has all it needs to perform optimally, regardless if you are exercising or not.

In addition, we know exactly what and how much of each nutrient is included.

Plus, they affect us in multiple ways:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced brain function
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced mortality
  • Better respiration
  • Recovery of muscles and mental capacity
  • Improved immunity
  • Restful sleep
  • Hormone balance
  • Produce more red blood cells
  • Prevent cramping
  • Tissue repair
  • Lipid metabolism
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Increase muscle growth and strength
  • Reduce DOMS
  • Increase focus

That is a huge list of benefits that very few products can compare or compete with.

This really does offer the full compliment of essential ingredients that you need to fuel the best workout of your life.

Plus there’s a guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

battle ready fuel pre workout supplement


Normally product like this come with a massive price tag to match the performance, but this is very reasonably priced. In fact, it offers’s incredible value, especially paired with free global shipping and bundle offers.

On slight downside is due to the whey protein included.

Now, it is not a big issue at all, and, as the studies state, whey is great to have for recovery and growth.

But, it does make the mixture of the powder and water slightly thicker, or heavier in consistency.

Thus, some may find that they would prefer a very ‘thin’ and water like consistency.

However, the citrus burst is very refreshing, and I absolutely love it.

Any dud ingredients?


However, there’s a couple with contrasting results from studies, that mean their inclusion is not entirely water tight.


Taurine for instance does appear to help improve performance when tested on a group of middle distance runners, but there’s also studies for different distances and exercises whereby no improvement is logged.

This is also the same for its apparent ability to reduce muscle soreness, but only when coupled with BCAA’s, and not by itself.


The effects of glutamine seem only to be of use when someone is recovering from some sort of trauma whereby muscle wastage has occurred and they need to re-build muscle mass.

While it does in theory help reduce catabolism, it seems that if you are healthy the benefits are minimal.

Yet, it does help improve intestinal and immune health.


This is another inclusion that offers contrasting results, particularly for fat loss. Whereby the results lack a body of consistency.

However, there is evidence it can support the development of lean body mass when combined with a heavy weight lifting plan.

Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout Supplement Tub

Unwanted Side Effects

It is easy to buy a supplement and completely overlook any health risks.

For starters, this contains milk and soy.

However, overall, this pre workout supplement consists of many nutrients that your body requires for optimal functioning that we would get from a fully balanced diet – although that is more difficult to achieve than it sounds, especially if you are a vegetarian. 

That is because this includes lots of amino acids that you get mainly from meats and dairy. Plus other minerals such as zinc.

As a result, there is very little risk taking this supplement and very little in terms of side effects to worry about.

Any Banned Substances?

There aren’t any ingredients that are included in this supplement that feature on the list of prohibited substances list issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

This means that if you are tested for banned substances in your workplace, or if you are an athlete or within some military forces, using this product should be safe for you.


Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout Conclusion

Where to begin with this?

Well, my experience using it has been phenomenal. It has really topped and exceeded my expectations.

Put quite simply, it is everything that you would want from a pre workout supplement.

It has a good, slightly sharp citrus flavor that gives you a zing with a tingly sensation.

Backed up with feeling ‘psyched’ and motivated to smash the gym up.

Then it has the nutrients to enhance your workout sessions…

To increase your reps, blast the weights and make you feel excited to get the best from yourself.

Yet, it doesn’t end there…

Because it has the nutrients to help your muscles recover, rebuild and reduce delayed onset muscles soreness, it truly is a multi-dimensional supplement.

Then there’s the competitive price – This is truly amazing value for money!

Remember, there’s free global shipping, too.

This pre workout has been designed to literally fuel your exercise regime, and it smashes that goal.


Unrivaled nutrient profile, synced with an ability to motivate you, give you the energy to perform whilst not forgetting the aftercare which ensures you can get back to high intensity training sessions sooner.

This performance combined with a low cost, special Battle Ready Fuel pre workout discounts available, from a brand you can trust.

I can’t wait for my next order!

Battle Ready Fuel Best Deal

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