Let’s Build Your Home Gym

Gym Equipment

Many commercial gyms are a great place to start your training journey, however, they are also full of equipment that you simply do not need, full of people using incorrect technique (which then novices copy) and the gym management tend to focus on over selling memberships and supplements in order to make profits. In turn they are a big distraction to building muscle and might.

Much can be developed with limited equipment and space; if you have a spare room, garage or basement you can achieve as much, if not more than what you would be able to in most commercial gyms.

In order to achieve big gains compound exercises are the key; big barbell lifts and such. For a reasonable investment you can have many years of successful and enjoyable training.

Should you wish to pursue this route you need to look at purchasing an Olympic barbell (2 inch diameter), plates and collars, a sturdy bench (adjustable if funds allow) and I would advise on the purchase of a power rack/cage.

If you are tight for space and funds; the power cage can be replaced by a half (squat) rack or squat stands which are significantly cheaper and use less floor space.

You can buy this basic, yet highly effective equipment for set up for less than 800USD/500GBP/1000AUSD/700EUR from online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay.


This may sound like a large figure but consider your current gym membership fee, traveling costs and the inconvenience; this equipment can pay for itself in two years or even one and it will retain most of its value.

You may wish to purchase some accessories (although not necessary) such as a dips belt, chalk, a neck strength harness and possibly a trap/hex bar.

Whilst the equipment listed is entirely useful and recommended to achieve your muscle and strength building goals you can still train effectively with even less…

With just a barbell and plates you can still safely perform deadlifts, military press, upright row and bent over row. If these exercises are combined with dips, chins and worked progressively for enough months you can produce a lot of muscle and strength. Even just performing deadlifts, chins and dips will cover most musculature and produce big gains.



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