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First Look

Does this Muscletech supplement increase testosterone and muscle growth? 

If it can, this could really help me hold together to physical loves of my life: rugby and weight lifting.

Not only that, it could potentially help you increase muscle growth. This can lead to more strength and size.

More testosterone also has many other benefits, too. Things like improved bone density, fat loss, cognitive health and even mood.


With my dreams of combining a regular and progressive weightlifting regime with rugby simply unfolding before my eyes and painful limbs, I think as I turn back to just weightlifting I want to maximize my growth.

Rugby is a great sport…when you are in your early to mid twenties.

Once you hit 30 and over it because a battle of attrition with your body, and your body slowly starts to lose.

So this week, weightlifting has been an almost write off.

I tried doing some back exercises and a bit of chest yesterday but my joints and limbs were in tatters.

That means rest for the remainder of the week and if I start to play rugby regularly again this will have a knock on effect with my weight training, that is something I do not want.

So, as per usual, each week I take a testosterone booster which is proven to help stimulate more natural testosterone.

This has led to some really good gains that I am happy with, and I do not want to lose them.

So, as I let rugby fall to the wayside and concentrate on the iron I am looking for another testosterone booster that may be able to help me even more.

Looking at this Clear Muscle SX-7 from MuscleTech I am in awe of the packaging and it looks an absolute premium product, but can the performance match the look?

TL:DR – Clear Muscle SX-7 Video Review

Who are MuscleTech?

MuscleTech quite simply have a vast array of supplements.

MuscleTech claim to make the best use of science to improve your performance.

‘Superior science. Superior Results.’

And, when you go to their website and see the multitude of supplements, it is not hard to be utterly impressed and bowled over by their offerings.

Everything looks professional, good quality and effective.

If I was to every commit my loyalties to just one supplement brand based alone on looks, it would be MuscleTech.

I think the way they project themselves is second to non.

However, one thing I have noticed in the past is that they will literally release a multiple version of pretty much every supplement they sell with just small changes.

This seems to me that they are just casting the net as far and as wide as possible just to get as many sales as possible.

Clear Muscle SX-7 Claims

  • Increased muscle
  • Increased strength
  • Muscle pumps

SX-7 Ingredients: The Science

clear muscle sx7 ingredients

– Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)

Studies that specifically review and analyze the effects of HMB on muscle growth and recovery have proven that HMB can increase strength and enhance muscle size.

It seems that 3000mg daily is the most effective dose.

What is quite unique about HMB is not that it enhances or promotes protein synthesis as other muscle buildig supplements do, but, rather it helps prevent muscle damage and breakdown that damages cells.

In effect, it prevents your muscle from going catabolic. It is by no doubt quite impressive and a positive step forward for building muscle. [1] [2]

– Adenosine-5’-triphosphate (Peak ATP)

In the correct dose for a period of 15 days, Peak ATP has demonstrated that any subject under clinical supervision has been able to perform at a higher power output right at the bitter end of physical exhaustion.

A dose of 400mg daily is required to ensure you can get that physical edge. One that can help you hit that final or extra rep, or even sprint that last few yards a bit faster than your opponent. [3]

– Calcium alpha-ketoisocaproic acid

Calcium alpha-ketoisocaproic acid has some substantial effects on muscle endurance and power.

A study saw that when supplemented with calcium alpha-ketoisocaproic acid the clinical trial participants were subject to less fatigue, they also were able to demonstrate a higher rate of muscle work.

As a result, those were were supplemented with calcium alpha-ketoisocaproic acid could delay fatigue and work harder for longer than those administered a placebo. [4]

– Salt (sodium)

The body has a requirement of around 500mg per day. It is considered that a low sodium diet consists no more than 2400mg daily.

Our bodies require salt for fluid balance, and when we sweat or urinate a lot we do lose salt, as a result, clinically, we need to replenish salt levels.

It is vital for nerve function and muscle contraction, so a benefit when performing physical exercise.

However, many western diets are laden with too much salt, as a result, feeding ourselves with more salt can lead to high blood pressure and eventual heart failure. [5]

 PROS – This will help increase muscle endurance, improve strength and size


 CONS – It could do with more complimentary ingredients that would hjave a positive effect on testosterone levels


How to take Clear Muscle SX-7

12 capsules per day which is a massive amount to be taken morning, afternoon and at night.

Clear Muscle SX-7 Dose

Each daily servings consists of just over 3729mg which is a good amount.

More importantly, it serves just the right amount of each ingredient that is required for the benefits demonstrated in clinical trials.


Each ingredient is able to help with either muscle endurance, reduce fatigue, increase power and force.

Sodium replaces the lost salts which are vital for muscle endurance but are lost through excessive perspiration or urination if you are keeping hydrated.

The doses included are just ‘right’, nothing more or nothing less.


This is a muscle building supplement that is dosed just enough to work.

However, for $119.99 it is missing many key ingredients that could be included to stimulate testosterone production.

A large number of proven ingredients as found in the best testosterone boosters are able to increase muscle mass, decrease fatigue, increase endurance, cut fat and increase strength.

Yet, none of the required ingredients for this are included which seems like a missed opportunity.

If I am to be extremely picky, I will noted already that most Western diets are laden with salt, and therefore, unless you are perspiring excessively it will probably not be necessary to supplement with more sodium.

Clear Muscle SX-7 Side Effects

Studies show that taking up to 3g of HMB for up to 8 weeks is safe.

Doses of 400mg of Peak ATP seems to be safe.

High doses of Sodium can increase blood pressure. Therefore ensure that you know how much your Sodium intake is.

Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid can cause gastrointestinal distress.

Is Clear Muscle a Steroid?

No, MuscleTech Clear Muscle SX-7 is not a steroid or anything like a steroid.

This does not increase your natural supply of your own anabolic steroid, testosterone. It does try to mimic the effects, though and quite effectively.

MuscleTech Clear SX-7 Review Conclusion

This does offer some good, effective and beneficial ingredients which can help increase muscular endurance and performance.

However, it just cannot compete with the more complete testosterone boosters such as TestoFuel because the additional required ingredients such as B12, B6, Zinc, Magnesium, DAA, Fenugreek, Boron and D3 are not included.

That means I would need to supplement this supplement with more supplements which will increase the monthly cost, and at an already high $119.99 this could become extremely expensive.

In essence, by reducing fatigue, the user can hit another rep, or go that little bit further that will contribute to improved muscle strength, size and performance.

So, this does offer great benefits, but it is not the full package that I was expecting.

Check out what this would go well with; here.







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