MuscleTech Platinum 100% Tribulus Testosterone Booster Review

MuscleTech Platinum 100% Tribulus Testosterone Booster Review

MuscleTech Platinum 100% Tribulus Review

First Look:

When looking or researching for a testosterone booster tribulus will appear. It is hugely popular and it is marketed widely. But, is it worth the hype?

In the quest for more muscle, strength and also fat loss, higher levels of testosterone also provide a number of further health benefits such as improved mood, stronger bones, it can also improve cardiovascular health and increase your libido.

A such, it really is the key hormone for optimal bodily function and not one to be ignored or ignorant about.

So while many may mistake testosterone for meat heads and knuckle draggers in the gym, it is far more important than just to increase your arm size.

As a result, I am constantly trying to ensure that I can maintain and increase my levels of testosterone, particularly as I am now rapidly nearing 34 years of age.

I always use a proven and the most effective testosterone booster on the market which is called TestoFuel. It contains a large number of beneficial ingredients that work together to stimulate more natural testosterone production.

This is a healthy and safe way to ensure you are producing the most testosterone you can.

There are plenty of testosterone boosting supplements on the market, but many are awash with unproven and ineffective ingredients all with difficult to pronounce names that bamboozle the customer in to purchasing.

Fortunately for us all, this testosterone booster from MuscleTech boats just one, commonly found ingredient.

However, will it be enough to produce the big gains we are chasing?

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MuscleTech who?

If you have not heard about MuscleTech or seen any of their products it is likely that you have been in a coma.

I have to admit I do like the branding image of MuscleTech and their designs. They look confident and they look effective.

MuscleTech have products for every eventuality and physical, athletic performance need.

They are quite frankly a huge company and one that can boast that back in 2006 they generated the most income from US dollar sales.

While they have been around for over 20 years, their background story is missing from their website which gives me the impression MuscleTech are purely established as a money making business rather than a humble set up of passionate athletes just looking to get an edge.

Platinum 100% Tribulus claims

Funnily enough, MuscleTech have not made any outlandish claims regarding their 100% tribulus product.

It just states that tribulus is designed for active men.

No reasons stated how active men can benefit from tribulus though.

Ingredients: Laboratory Results


Without wanting to sound too negative, tribulus just does not help increase testosterone levels.

There is no scientific proof available to state otherwise.

Initially there were reports from Bulgaria that claimed tribulus increased blood testosterone levels, increased fertility, improve libido and more.

As a result, it has been on the receiving end of much speculation, particularly for doping in sport especially if it can increase hormone levels.

However, as previously stated there is no evidence that leans on the side of tribulus offering any advantage at all.

Furthermore, what is quite worrying is that because there is considerable belief in tribulus being effective some products are tainted with banned androgens to ensure there is some muscle building benefit.



We are instructed to take 1 pill per day.

It is better to take a larger dose spread out over the period of a day to ensure that you have a constant trickle of ingredients.

Therefore, with 1 pill daily you will have a dose of 650mg which is not up there with the best testosterone boosters which offer in excess of 3000mg.

Effects & Benefits:

There are no benefits from taking this supplement.

The studies involving rugby players confirm that this offers no increases in testosterone production.

If you consider wasting money as a benefit to your life, then, by all means buy this product and enjoy your wanton excess.


It just doesn’t work.

The studies offer enough reasoning to prove that Tribulus does not offer any athletic enhancements.

What is the most galling aspect is that there are so many products available that supposedly stimulate more testosterone production which include Tribulus and market the product as an effective steroid alternative.

It is nothing more than lies and mistruths that are circulated to sell goods. It is unethical.

Even if Tribulus was effective, and as effective as D-Aspartic Acid for instance, it is still only 1 ingredient.

It is lacking a whole plethora of supporting ingredients that would make it even more beneficial.

This is why products such as TestoFuel maximize the results by included all of the most effective ingredients.

 PROS – This is all natural


 CONS – No proven physical perfromance benefit

Side Effects

There are a few noted unwanted side effects that have been reported with the use of tribulus. This mainly effects those suffering from diabetes and women who are pregnant.

For those who are pregnant tribulus can potentially harm fetal development.

Platinum 100% Tribulus Review Conclusion:

This supplement is sold and based on unfounded evidence.

It will not offer any of the benefits that come with increased testosterone levels, because it will not increase or stimulate an increase in natural testosterone production as per the studies that are widely available and from reputable, genuine and scientific sources.

It is missing a number of vital ingredients that are proven to be effective.

These ingredients are found in the best testosterone boosters and include:

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts in what little and valuable time most of us have available for the gym.





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