Nestle Looking To Capitalize On All Fronts

Nestle Looking To Capitalize On All Fronts

Keeping in line with recent trends orientated around healthcare supplements and a burgeoning interest in products containing protein it seems many confectionery manufacturers such as Nestle are now releasing products that are seen as a healthier option.


In their quest to rise above the competition Nestle are now offering products with a focus on increased protein content whilst increasing transparency of ingredients and staking steps to remove artificial additives, coloring and GMO’s.

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Infact, they have gone one step further by re-branding to now being a ‘nutrition, health and wellness company’ and have 160 scientists in place to devise new products that will not only appeal to the evident growing boom in the health conscious consumer but also deliver a range of drugs to combat the very diseases that their current range could be connected with causing such as obesity and diabetes.


However, the company is not ceasing to produce their current lines of sugary snack and beverages, no, they will ironically produce them alongside each other which has gotten them to a current market value of $247 billion. Undoubtedly their new products will bolster that value even moreso by capitalizing on a current trend, this was also seen by GlaxoSmithKline’s purchase of Maxinutrition (formally Maximuscle) a few years ago and have now made their muscle building products extremely accessible to the masses via clever marketing.

And, Nestle are also looking to grab a slice of the profitable pharmaceutical market where GSK are big players.


However, GSK do not manufacturer and distribute confectionery like Nestle, Nestle’s new position and ambitions is akin to providing the gun, bullet and the bandages. They’re providing ways to profit from every part of the cycle.

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