NitroneMax NO2 Review

NitroneMax NO2 Review

How Can NitroneMax Build Muscle?

NitroneMax First Look

NitroneMax claims to be a muscle builder supplement that can increase stamina, strength and endurance.

I am sure that you will agree that these are pretty bold claims, but nothing short of what is plausible.

There are testosterone boosters that can help with each of these factors.

So what is this supplement? It does not really suggest that it fits in to any type of category.

However, after glimpsing at the short list of included ingredients I think this is what we would consider a pre workout supplement, or at least it contains ingredients that are normally found in pre workout products.

Overall though, this does have a confident and purposeful look to it. It does look quite masculine and as a result it may put some women off.

By calling itself a muscle builder is also slightly misleading and quite frankly casts the net so wide it feels like it is just trying to grab a sale, any sale, from anyone as long as it is a man.

So, while I have touched upon the ingredients being found in many pre workout supplements, it is also important to state that this comes in pill format, rather than the water soluble powders we are often accustomed to. Another spanner in the works then.

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Who are NitroneMax?

Again, this is not exactly clear cut either.

NitroneMax is a brand name, or a company name for many other products.

In essence this is like Ford calling one of their cars a Ford. Not a Ford F-150 or a Ford Mustang, just a Ford.

So while there’s products called NitroneMax TestoneMax or NitroneMax GreenxtroneMax this is just NitroneMax.

I think you get the picture.

Furthermore, when you do a web search for NitroneMax the only product page seems to be called

That seems legit.

Okay, let’s move on though…

When on the landing page there’s plenty of information explaining the virtues of the product and a link whereby you are urged to get a trial bottle.

Sounds great, so you clock the link and then this takes you to a whole different product page.

This is utterly confusing and like you are being taken down a rabbit hole of deceit. Which you are.

Is NitroneMax a Scam?

It is starting to look that way, if I am honest. And these kind of bizarre misleading sales practices are not entirely new.

So follow me on this strange a wacky journey whereby one minute I was looking at a product on Amazon for just under $40 and the next I am being coerced in to getting a free bottle of a product called Trembolex Ultra.

Okay, if I had not done any further digging around the brand name I doubt I would be sat here looking at the landing page for yet another product that a completely different product directed me to.

So, maybe if you stick to Amazon and do not wander off like an intrepid explorer you would not be face to face with a muscular looking man who telling me with his eyes to click the button that says ‘Get me RIPPED’.

The site promises me that by clicking that button I will receive a trial bottle of this testosterone booster.

Also note there is no information about the ingredients for this Trembolex Ultra testosterone booster which is very different to the NitroneMax product I was initially looking at.

But obviously a trial bottle of this Trembolex Ultra sounds promising. The site just requires some contact details which I fill in.

I am told stock is low. However, for a small shipping fee of $4.97 I will get a bottle in 5 days time. Great.

There’s one, final step. Payment details. Once filled in, there’s a throbbing red button telling me to complete the checkout.

I am also made aware that there’s 51 other customers viewing the very same offer. I do not want to miss out, this sounds urgent.

However, just before I click the checkout button I want to do my due diligence. So I have a little look around the page for any small print.

I find some text saying TERMS.

I click on that, but it is very small and easily missed, especially with the sense of urgency that is being created.

WOW, OMG…etc.

By clicking the complete checkout button you are entering a legally binding contract.

Yep, you will receive the initial product by paying the low shipping fee but you only have 14 days to return the ‘evaluated’ and unopened product.

You have to pay for return shipping and you will also be charged a 15% restocking fee.

You have entered a monthly enrollment program that will bill your credit card $89.99 every month and they will send out a bottle of Trembolex to you.

The terms and conditions go on and on. A lot of people will blindly enter in to this auto enrollment scheme and may not realize for months.

You can of course cancel the scheme at any time but this small print is so small and discrete that you probably wouldn’t know where to look to try and cancel it.

Just think how this could affect many families and people who live month to month, hand to mouth because of a tight monthly budget.

This could tip them over the edge and in to debt.

There is no free trial. However, the site does omit the word ‘free’ but by having ‘trial’ plastered everywhere it does allude that the product is free.

But i the best case scenario you still have to pay for the initial shipping, then the return shipping and the product has to be unopened and unused.

Even then you are charged a 15% restocking fee which is $13.49

So, even just to find out what ingredients are included in this product you will need to spend a total of $23.43

terms explaining the auto enrollment program

NitroneMax and Trembolex Ultra

So, as you can see, this is very confusing.

From simply looking at a supplement on Amazon I have been taken down a completely different route by doing a little desktop research behind the brand name of NitroneMax.

This is not to say that if you buy NitroneMax on Amazon that you will not receive the NitroneMax that is $39.99.

So let’s focus on what we know about NitroneMax and leave Trembolex alone. However, just be aware there are many sales practices out there that are not exactly honest and are a bit misleading.

NitroneMax Ingredients

Okay, Nitronemax are keeping these ingredients in very small text. I cannot zoom in any closer.

However, we can just about make out what each ingredient is, and there’s not many of them.


Arginine is an amino acid. It is often used by athletes because it can produce nitric oxide.

This is beneficial because nitric oxide allows the blood vessels to relax and dilate.

This means your body can pump more blood which carries oxygen and nutrients. It also makes you look more vascular (veins pop out).

However, it can only do this if you are a healthy adult, otherwise the scientific study results for nitric oxide production are not very reliable.

It is also noted in clinical trials that arginine is not absorbed very well by the body, and as such the effects are minimal.

The typical doses of arginine are from 3g to 6g daily, the total blend of ingredients is only 1.6g in this product, so lagging way behind. [1] [2]


Again, AAKG is used to increase blood flow and increase nitric oxide production. That would be great if it actually did that.

However, the studies suggest otherwise.

When a group of men dosed 12g of AAKG per day and incorporated exercise the only blood flow and nitric oxide benefits were that associated with resistance exercise.

So, with this dose being so low and the outcome not being favorable, it seems AAKG is not worth being included. [3]

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is another amino acid and it is often used to help increase exercise performance.

It can increase nitric oxide in the blood at 6g-8g per day which can help transport more oxygen and vital nutrients to the muscles and organs by dilating blood vessels.

Studies demonstrated that men who were recreational weight lifters were able to perform more repetitions on their final sets of upper body exercise than those who were given a placebo. [4]

Daily Dose

The daily dose of NitroneMax is a low 1600mg. This is for a 2 pill daily serving.

That is really low, considering the amounts required of each ingredient to make a slight bit of difference.

Citrulline needs at least 6000mg to be effective. In the study we mentioned the subjects were given 8000mg.

These ingredients are also incorporated in to a proprietary blend.

This means that we have no idea of the individual ingredient dose.

Ingredients Summary

This is really not a good supplement.

There’s just three ingredients ad only Citrulline Malate can offer any sort of muscle building benefit by increasing the point of exhaustion.

However, that is when the dose was 8000mg per day.

So, overall this low dose and the other two forms of arginine being ineffective does not offer a great deal of benefit.


There’s nothing here to help you build muscle, especially as the doses are too low.


Doses are too low, we have no idea of the individual ingredient breakdown and two of the ingredients have no proven benefit.

We think this should be marketed as a pre workout supplement rather than an overall muscle builder but it certainly does not live up to the marketed claims.


Okay, we have established that these ingredients included in this supplement are found in pre workout supplements more than anything else.

However, due to the dose being so low, these ingredients have no benefit.

If we look more closely, two of the ingredients do not seem to offer any benefits anyway, regardless of the dose.

However, citrulline does need to be taken at 8000mg daily to best effects.

Another issue here is that this (small) list of ingredients fall within a proprietary blend, this means we have no idea of how much of each ingredient is included.

Plus then there is the strange scam sales offering related to Trembolex Ultra that does not fill me with confidence about the brand as a whole and their practices.

This product is best left alone.






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