Are Nootropics Cheating In E-sport Competitions? | We Find Out

Are Nootropics Cheating In E-sport Competitions? | We Find Out

You may or may not be aware of biohacking and nootropic smart drugs, however, once reserved for the few biohackers out there looking to get an edge through carefully selecting certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals to increase cognitive function over business or scholarly rivals.

However, far from the early stages of experimenting, nootropics are now in the mainstream, far removed from the geeky internet proliferates and now in to the hands of the average Joe.


This means it has found its way in to the hands of e-sports, e-sports is one of the most lucrative and rapidly expanding spectator sports in the world and due to an almost fighter jet pilot requirement of concentration and fast reaction times under pressure, nootropics could give that vital edge.

As a result, brain enhancers are being addressed in professional e-sports. The Electronic Sports League (ESL) has announced it is developing a stricter policy and policing of brain performance enhancing supplements and drugs.

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However, at what point can they draw a line and what exactly is to be banned or tolerated? And, what role will these increasingly popular nootropics have in professional e-sports?


They are essentially blurring the lines of acceptable drugs and the unacceptable, a bit like steroids and pro-hormones that are commonplace in physical sports.

What role nootropics will have in the future of not only e-sports but examinations, chess and racing driving is anyone’s guess but their card could well and truly be marked.

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