Nutrition For Cognitive Performance

Nutrition For Cognitive Performance

Greens and grains are on the list of the foods that have been linked to lower rates of cognitive decline.

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Research tells us that to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease we must start consuming more blueberries, seeds, nuts, olive oil, fatty fish and leafy green vegetables. Let’s not also forget the importance of grains, lentils and legumes.

The neuroprotective properties in them all help protect the brain and fuel. However, a variety of each is required as they all have differing nutrients. So just eating grains for instance will not gives us the full round protection.

There are elements of a Mediterranean diet, a diet as such includes less red meat and processed foods. Instead focusing on whole, raw foods. The results from this diet are staggering, up to 9 of 12 studies confirmed a link between this diet and a reduced Alzheimer’s risk.

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The alarming statistics warn us that 100 million adults worldwide will potentially develop dementia by the mid-century.

The Alzheimer’s Association agree’s that there is a link between heart-healthy foods and a lower risk of cognitive decline.

So try to avoid sugar laden, saturated fat filled, refined carbohydrate foods and exchange them for the healthier, aforementioned options.

It turns out what’s good for the body may also be good for the brain.

It is important to appreciate that a healthy diet should go along with other lifestyle guidelines, including challenging the brain with education and strategic challenges.

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