Pure Labs Clomadex Review

Pure Labs Clomadex Review

Clomadex Post Cycle Therapy by Pure Labs

At time of writing I was not entirely sure if this was a testosterone booster, and looking at the ingredients in more depth would suggest that it is more of an estrogen control suited for a post cycle therapy (PCT) to be used after a cycle of steroids or prohormones.

To be fair it is marketed more as a PCT. However, test boosters and PCT’s cross boundaries in terms of their effects and the ingredients included.

This is because, the essential reason for a T booster or a PCT is to stimulate testosterone. A PCT may include other nutrients that can help repair and care for organs, too or specifically target reducing estrogen from conversion

Pure Labs are not a well known outfit, their product line is low and if I am being brutally honest, it looks a bit low rent.

The site and packaging for their products all looks a bit dark and underground – portraying a bit of an ‘old school body building’ image which is increasingly going out of fashion.

First Look

As previously mentioned not a lot of effort has gone into either the branding or the packaging, it looks like it was all put together in a trailer park somewhere.

Now there two ways to look at this.

a) Money saved on packaging and branding has gone in to thorough research and development

b) No money spent on marketing and branding reflects no money being spent on the product

I certainly hope it is the first theory.

If so, it will blow a number of competitors out of the water that rely on heritage and a loyal customer base.

It is also worth noting that this is advertised as a PCT – there’s a lot of acronyms in the bodybuilding world and PCT stands for Post Cycle Therapy.

Post Cycle Therapy involves taking a natural testosterone simulator to bring you natural testosterone levels back to normal after a cycle/course of anabolic steroids.

In short, when you take synthetic testosterone (steroids/pro-hormones) your body realizes that you are being supplemented with way more than normal and ‘shuts down’, or stops producing any from the testes as there is no requirement.

Once you finish your course, it takes a while for your body to trigger itself in to producing testosterone, a supplement such as a T – Booster essentially gives your body a bit of a jump start and shortens the time whereby your test levels have reduced to below normal.

It is this period of time between the cycle of steroids/pro-hormones finishing and your body getting firmly back in to action when you may have erectile dysfunction issues and a loss of libido, also a loss of the gains achieved.

TL:DR – Video Review

Ingredients: The Research

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Typical ValuesPer Serving
Fadogia Agrestis Extract
Mucuna Pruriens Extract
Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
500 mg
150 mg
50 mg
12.5 mcg – 250%

It doesn’t take a genius to see that there are only 4 ingredients present and a daily dose of less than 1500mg.

It is becoming clear that it is the aforementioned theory ‘B’ that might be to blame here.

Let’s take a closer look and see why theory B maybe correct:

– Fadogia agrestis 

This herb has come to the attention of scientists due to a rat research project that saw their testosterone levels were elevated.

Beforehand, it has been commonly used as an aphrodisiac.

The issue is that there’s one sole study available which is only on rats, there’s nothing for humans and there is also a concern over potential cell damage due to lipid peroxidation.

As a result it is probably not wise to take these supplements as we do not really know the effects. [1]

– Vitamin D

Most people are deficient in vitamin D which is freely available from the sunshine. Whats’s more is that D3 has many health functions. It is particularly good to help prevent bone fractures.

Further scientific studies have noted that D3 can also have a positive effect on reducing fat mass.

More helpfully for us and this supplements studies have demonstrated that a daily dose of 3332iu has raised testosterone levels in men.

This only offers 500iu per day unfortunately. [2]

– Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna seeds are really high in protein, but the extracts found in supplements like this can have a positive effect on your hormone levels.

Mucuna inhibits prolactin which can lower testosterone and libido in men.

It also has androgenic properties working to increase test levels. [3]

– Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione 

Initial reports of this ingredient is that it acts like a steroid or seems to be like a steroid. However, as it has been cleared by the relevant authorities for sale it seems that cannot be the case.

This is not a synthetic compound either, it is a derivative of DHEA and is naturally occurring.

At the moment only the theory exists, and that theory is that this compound can inhibit aromatase which can aid the secretion of  testosterone.

However, there’s a real lack of human studies to prove that this is the case. [4]

 PROS – Clomadex can potentially inhibit aromatase


 CONS – Only 4 ingredinets and two offer more theory rather than proven benefits

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Clomadex Directions

One pill twice daily.

We prefer 4 pills a day to ensure the body is constantly supplied with the required nutrients throughout the day for best effects.


The jury is out on this one.

There’s only 4 ingredients, 1 is possibly toxic.

Studies prove that mucuna can definitely help lower estrogen and prolactin levels, and theoretically, armistane can also lower estrogen levels.

Helpfully there is D3 and also mucuna can increase testosterone too.


There’s plenty of issues to rectify and improve upon, let alone learn from.

Just including four ingredients is not particularly beneficial, not when there are plenty of other test boosters or PCT supplements that offer much more.

Fadogia could also be toxic which is not going to help, not especially if our organs have had a hammering.

But then, the vitamin D3 level is low, too low to be effective according to the scientific studies and it is much lower compared to other products.

While we know that mucuna and D3 are safe and effective ingredients, there is little known about armistane or fadogia as the studies are few and far between, and this is a risk.

The price is okay at $43/£30 but it doesn’t really offer good value for money compared to other products on the market that can perform a better job.

Clomadex Conclusion

Is this an effective PCT?

It contains 2 solid ingredients that are tried and tested in the industry. Although D3 is under-dosed massively to increase testosterone levels.

The other 2 ingredients are lacking thorough human research to prove how effective they are.

The daily dose is too low and the number of pills is also too low.

For optimal hormone levels 4 pills is better to ensure there isn’t such a long period of time before you have more nutrients for your body to process.

Clomadex is by far not the best product on the market, a few more ingredients in higher doses would help.

Overall this is not going to have a great deal of benefit to recuperate after a cycle of steroids.

Take a look at what I feel would benefit you here.


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