RSP Quadra Lean Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

RSP Quadra Lean Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

How Will The Fat Burner, Quadra Lean From RSP Benefit?

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RSP Quadra Lean Fat Burner First Look:

Sounding like the marketing division of JEEP have been let loose on a fat burner, we are presented with ‘QUADRA LEAN’. It looks all masculine and JEEP also, well at least the old school JEEP, not the soft roaders we see these days at the mall.


Let’s see if this product is all show and no go.



8 ingredients present which is a good amount to have as it provides a plethora of ingredients to work together but not spread too thinly so they become ineffective.

I’ve been quite interested in fat burning products containing CLA because initial research looked promising…

Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) – Initial reports and studies have showed that CLA helped a bunch of women who did no exercise lose 9% body fat.

But further studies are showing very mixed, if not medicore results that aren’t really setting the world alight, in fact the side effects are having their presence felt moreso outweighing any real benefits.

Any benefits that were found meant that the composition had to be greater than 80% – this does at least provide a healthy 95%.

Acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride – Thought to increase general metabolic activity and to improve cognitive function. Any fat loss appears to be limited to elderly people. There’s a lack of studies for younger and healthier people.

Caffeine – Caffeine intake is associated with weight loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) – At present, Citrus aurantium may be the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra. However, more studies are needed to establish this definitively.

Yohimbe – Related to Yohimbine, Yohimbe is a powerful stimulant and used to increase fat loss as well as assist with erectile dysfunction.

Cayenne Pepper – The hot and spicy taste of cayenne pepper comes from capsaicin, a compound found in many hot peppers. Capsaicin is known to boost metabolism, causing the body to produce extra heat and burn more calories for fuel.

This is found in our favorite fat burner Instant Knockout.

Choline Bitartrate – Taking choline by mouth does not seem to improve athletic performance or lessen fatigue during exercise.

Alpha-GPC – Appears to have cognitive-enhancing properties but there’s no human evidence exists to support this in otherwise-healthy youth, yet it does have support in rodents.

In regards to reducing the rate of cognitive decline, at high doses (1,200 mg) does appear to be somewhat effective in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

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6 capsules. This is good as the best fat burners out there recommend 4 caps as it provides a nice, consistent and constant amount of ingredients throughout the day for your body to utilize so 6 would normally work on that and provide more, however, the issue here is they recommend having 3 caps at once twice daily which isn’t quite as optimal.

This totals 3380mg per day which is a solid amount of ingredientsfor a fat burner supplement.


If this is touted as a fat burner, which it is, there is a disappointing 3 ingredients that are conclusively known as fat burning ingredients. There are a further 3 which either do not have the studies available or evidence is contradictory.

This leaves us with 1 that is supposed to increase performance, but it does not and another to improve cognitive decline which has a bit of wishy washy evidence and you would require a dose over 1000mg anyway.


Less than half of it works to burn fat.

3 ingredients have very little in terms of concrete proof that they are effective at anything.

An ingredient that doesn’t do what it is claimed at all and another that has some evidence it works but it is way underdosed in this application.

RSP Quadra Lean Fat Burner Review Conclusion:

All-in-all, this isn’t that effective. Too many products like this fail to live up to the hype and the branding. When you have only 40% working ingredients it seems pointless even exploring this avenue.

Look up what works and make your decision based on science and results, not marketing.




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