Rugby Players Discover SHOCKING Weight Loss Strategy With This New ‘Trick’

Rugby Players Discover SHOCKING Weight Loss Strategy With This New ‘Trick’

This rabble of unruly rogues from a unidentified rugby club have found a new amazing trick for weight loss.

Doctors HATE them for this!

One of the players ended up ARRESTED and spent a night in POLICE custody for being involved with these guys.

Another man lost not 1 but 2(!) bank cards leaving him destitute in an unknown city wearing NOTHING but a PVC latex style all in one style gimp suit bought online for a REASONABLE price.

It was rumored one one occasion another man bunked his taxi fare and was found laying NAKED on the floor of his hotel room with complete and utter memory LOSS.

Additional reports are being released claiming they upset a man called ‘Mario’ due to consistent NUDITY on a sports field.

One such member of this touring party ripped his banjo string while forgetting where he placed his Viagra pills because he was so HIGH on alcohol.

There are rumors that another individual OVERDOSED by drinking so much ALCOHOL that he passed out in a disabled persons bathroom and was sick all over himself before urinating his OWN jeans.

It is claimed a further individual was so inebriated on sugary ‘alcopops’ that he was found wandering hopelessly in a field on a Sunday night UNAWARE of his own name.

With reports that there was a mass streaking party in the MIDDLE of the day in the CITY center.

There’s speculation that so much alcohol was drunk over the course of three days that the entire bathroom on the coach was filled with urine leaving the facility UNUSABLE.

Court rulings meant that many of these people were punished for committing these horrendous and unforgivable ATROCITIES.

We couldn’t believe these rumors were true so checked the facts (twice) to see that the rumors were rumors.

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