Low Levels Of Testosterone in Women To Blame For Asthma

Low Levels Of Testosterone in Women To Blame For Asthma

Recent studies emerging from the Physiopathology Centre of Toulouse-Purpan, France are showing that it is the absence of higher testosterone levels in women which can explain why women are more than likely to develop asthma than their male counterparts once puberty has past.

In fact, woman are twice as likely to develop asthma than men.

These findings could potentially help forge the way for creating new treatments to assist women with the lung condition.

It is something my girlfriend would love to see.

The research garnered results which show the primary male sex hormone is able to eradicate the production of an immune cell that is able to stimulate an allergic reaction causing the asthma.

This suppression of that immune cell stops further development of the inflammation and subsequent condition.

It seems that the higher levels of testosterone in males is an inhibitor of these immune cells which causes the initiation of asthma post puberty.
The lower levels of testosterone exhibited by females doesn’t have the same effect and doesn’t respond in the same way to prevent the asthma developing.
It seems that the newly described innate lymphoid cells are able to sense and develop an awareness of the testosterone and thus ceases to produce further cells.
These innate lymphoid cells can be found in the lungs and skin, plus other organs.
The report published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine by the research team explains that there is a correlation between fewer immune cells and a reduced severity of inflammation which relates to asthma.
This is due to testosterone acting as the inhibitor of these innate lymphoid cells which create inflammatory proteins which respond to dust particles, pollen, pet hair and even smoke with an asthma attack.

These new findings could pave the way to understanding how to better produce new treatments.

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