Senior Men Benefit from Higher Testosterone Levels // But We Already Knew That…

Senior Men Benefit from Higher Testosterone Levels // But We Already Knew That…

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We often hear about all of the negative regarding testosterone and the potential side effects. In particular the problems that can be associated with the heart.

Testosterone therapy by use of patches, gel or needles are often a last resort for gentleman with a severe testosterone depletion which is also known as hypogonadism.

However, it may be seen that those men who have suffered from heart problems were individuals without a severe depletion of testosterone and were in fact fortunate enough to have a healthy level of testosterone.

It is perhaps this surplus of testosterone as men chase the fountain of youth that has caused the problems.

Yet, there have been further studies by the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute, Utah which seem to suggest that elderly men with pre-existing coronary heart disease and suffering from low testosterone can actually benefit from testosterone increases and see a reduction of the cardiovascular risks often associated with therapy.

The study illustrated that increasing levels of testosterone in androgen-deficient men does not increase the risk of a stroke or heat attack.

This is also the case for men who may be perceived of high risk due to known pre-existing heart disease.

This new study opens more possibilities regarding our knowledge of testosterone increases and supplementation.

Current knowledge suggests that increases in testosterone levels above what are perceived as ‘normal’ or healthy can result in too much red blood cell production. This can thicken blood and lead to a stroke.

However, for those who have a severe depletion of testosterone it has been touted as a risk worth taking considering the serious health consequences of low testosterone.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This study also supports a previous study in 2015. This study found that supplementation did not increase cardiovascular risk in men who had not experienced any history of heart disease yet had low testosterone levels.

This research reassures those elderly men who would benefit from testosterone increases yet were concerned about their pre-existing condition.

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