Is Sir Bradley Wiggins A Drug Cheat? | Is He Off His Tits?

Is Sir Bradley Wiggins A Drug Cheat? | Is He Off His Tits?

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The famed cyclist, Sir Bradley Wiggins is under the spotlight for the wrong reasons this time.

Sir Wiggins has won an absolute booty of Olympic Gold’s not to mention Tour de France success.

Athens 2004 – Individual pursuit

Beijing 2008 – Team pursuit

Beijing 2008 – Individual pursuit

London 2012 – Time trial

Rio 2016 – Team pursuit

However, recently, it has been revealed by a former team doctor that Sir Wiggins has been injected with the banned steroid known as triamcinolone. That very ex-team doctor has questioned the cycling authorities over their apparent sanctioning of the substance for his past 3 Grand Tours and brings Team SKY’s no needles policy in to disrepute.


The sanctioning known as TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) was revealed by Russian hackers who seemed to be seeking revenge over the hard line stance which saw Russian athletes banned from the Rio Olympic games due to apparent state backed doping.

Sir Wiggins has since hit back, denying any wrongdoing since the three (authorized) injections had been used to treat lifelong asthma issues, yet other doctors have been vocal about the unnecessary requirement for injections when standard inhalers would suffice.

Sir Wiggins’ performance prior to being injected with triamcinolone while riding with Garmin was far from the success experienced when he joined Team SKY which brings the whole outfit in to disrepute and brings back memories of Lance Armstrong’s rapid rise to the top.

In fact, the drug itself was actually part of Lance Armstrong’s arsenal…

The use surprised the team doctor of Garmin, he has noted that ‘it didn’t look good’ and he was astonished to see that ‘…there were TUE’s documented for intramuscular triamcinolone just before three major events — two Tours de France and one Giro d’Italia…’

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