HALOCOR by Pharma-Tec Review

HALOCOR by Pharma-Tec Review

Halcor is a synthetic steroid taken orally. Read on to learn about how Halocor effects the body.

Author: This article is written by Ben who has a long history using and reviewing supplements after being frustrated by many having no effect.

LAST UPDATED: October 2018

First Look

Halocor prohormone from Pharma-Tec is a clone of the much revered Halodrol.

The chemical name is 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3b,17b-diol but its real, long winded name is more akin to a Welsh town; Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol (CDMA).

Try saying that after 5 beers.

Once consumed, Halocor will then convert to a steroid that is known as Turinabol.

It is said that halodrol is somewhat like testosterone in its effects and potency, yet it has less androgenic effects.

Okay, if you are new to prohormones and steroids you may wonder what all of this means.

What it means for me and what it means for you.

This is especially so as there seems to be very little information available from reliable and reputable sources that you could reference to in a college assignment or scientific study.

However, I have unearthed some bit of detail…

What’s Halodrol?

Halodrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid that is taken by mouth, it is quite a recent supplement only dating back to 2005 but is a derivation of Turinabol which dates back to the 1960’s. [1]

Halodrol does not aromatize by converting testosterone to estrogen, therefore there are no side effects such as gynecomastia (puffy nipples).

However, on the flip side it can produce androgenic side effects such as oily skin and accelerated baldness but with the potential to increase facial hair.

It must be noted that baldness will only appear if genetically you are to experience baldness, it cannot make someone go lose hair that wouldn’t anyway.

If you are a woman and you decide to take supplements with androgenic effects it can produce masculine physical side effects such as facial hair, deepening of the voice and growth of the clitoris.

What’s Turinabol?

Halodrol is very closely related to Turinabol which was patented in the early 1960’s by a company from what was then Eastern Germany and firmly within the Soviet Occupation Zone that followed the Second World War.

Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that was administered to thousands of East German athletes, many of these athletes were not aware of what they were being administered.

This fell within the State Plan Topic 14.25 which was a state run and sponsored secret doping program that resulted in many broken world records and medals won at Olympic games. [2]

So, as you can see Turinabol is a potent anabolic steroid that shares close molecular characteristics as Halodrol.

The effects of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids

Some may ask why anyone would bother taking steroids considering the possibility of premature hair loss and acne.

For those East German athletes, many of them just didn’t know that they were being ‘doped’ nor what the health implications were.

Pride was a stake, and that came first-most and foremost. [3]

However, the physical and athletic results are quite staggering.

A clinical trial involving 43 normal and healthy men who were split in to groups, those taking testosterone and those a placebo were put through a study lasting 10 weeks.

The results were that if you are taking anabolic steroids you will see an increase in muscle size and strength.

If you take steroids in conjunction with an exercise program your results will be even greater along with a reduction of fat mass. [4]

It is important to state that of this study no-one experienced any changes of mood or behavior.

In essence, you can see why people would take anabolic steroids:

  1. Increased strength
  2. Muscle size gains
  3. Fat loss
  4. No changes of mood or behavior

Video Review

Who are Pharma-Tec?

I just don’t know. I cannot find any information about them at all.

Their products are sold across a number of outlets but an actual website or company information is not available.

The closest thing I can find is for a pharmaceutical company based in Pakistan but they do not look related.

If we base anything on the product packaging you could say that this looks like something that may be prescribed by a medical professional.

It looks serious, it looks trustworthy and ‘pharma’.

Halocor Ingredients: Science

Ingredients panel for halodrol by pharmatec

This just contains one ingredient and that is 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3b,17b-diol. 

There is a 25mg dose per tablet.


chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol molecular structure

This is an anabolic steroid that is taken orally to reach the bloodstream instead of injection.

It is very similar to Turinabol that was widely used by the Soviet bloc countries in the Cold War to project an image of superior physical ability of its peoples.

This product is a clone of the original product that was released by Gaspari in 2005 as a prohormone.

This means that it converts to the anabolic steroid Turinabol once processed by the body.

This should produce strong muscular strength and size improvements after taking this for about 4 weeks due to increasing testosterone levels.

It is methylated so it can stress the liver; over prolonged use this could cause chemical liver damage. This is because many oral drugs are metabolized in the liver.

 PROS – This can produce significant muscle size and strength gains with no aromazation


 CONS – Possible acne, premature baldness and liver toxicity

Due to the stress this may place on my liver I will be taking a supplement called Liv.52 which is proven to improve liver function and health. This is due to the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and diuretic effects that this herb has.

Clinical trials demonstrated that it worked well on patients suffering from liver cirrhosis. [5]

bottles of liv.52 and halocor

Daily Serving

It is recommended that we take 2 tablets daily, this will amount to 50mg in total. However, some sites say that 100-150mg should be taken daily.

Moving forward I shall take 50mg and then increase it to 100mg.

I have taken my first tablet today and I will update according of any changes.

Post Cycle Therapy

As noted I will be taking Liv.52 alongside Halocor.

When the cycle it finished I will take a testosterone booster called TestoFuel which I have successfully used in the past to stimulate more natural production of testosterone after a prohormone cycle.

The Effects

Okay, let me start with saying that I could not run this cycle as thoroughly or as fully intended.

There were a couple of breaks whereby I could not take any of the pills for a couple of days. This was down to unforeseen circumstances.

Frustrating to say the least!

However, I did take the HALOCOR alongside the Liv.52 and I took a multivitamin pill too.

What did I notice?

Well, it became apparent that my urine wasn’t as dark as when I had taken Epistane in the past.

When I cycled Epistane I would really need to be glugging water back all day to ensure my urine was a very pale yellow, almost champagne in color.

If I didn’t, my urine would turn darker – not dangerously dark or dark orange, but just a more distinct shade of yellow.

When I took HALOCOR I wasn’t drinking nearly as much water and there was only one occasion whereby I’d not taken much water on during the morning and my urine was darker in color.

I have just started to do some light running, nothing more than 5 miles and not particularly fast but more running than I have done for a long, long time…

I noticed when taking HALOCOR that my fat levels were rapidly reduced. While I understand that a bit more cardio is going to help, we are talking maybe only one 5 mile run per week.

This made my abdominal muscle much more apparent and visible.

Muscle and Strength

I didn’t notice any further size gains. However, small increases in size are not often noticeable when you see a reflection of yourself daily.

On the contrary, I did increase the weight on all of my exercises. Notably the overhead press.

What was noticeable was the way my body shape and composition.

More weight lifted does normally equate to hypertrophy and coupled with fat loss meant that my body looks ‘better’. More taper from the waist, and shoulder width/depth.

How did it make me feel?

Unlike epistane that seemed to produce more testicular sensations when it ‘kicked in’, this created no similar sensation whatsoever.

When I took Tren Rebuild I suffered from headaches. this appeared to have no negative side effects on me.

Likewise, when I took SARMS they would always make me sick in the morning (something that rarely happens) if I had been drinking the night before I didn’t really feel any different apart from lifting more weight and then losing some fat mass.

Bear in mind that I haven’t really changed any of my daily routine or nutrition. In fact I have been cycling (bicycle) less due to a change in my employment circumstances.

It was good to see this fat loss though, it really improved my confidence.

Take Away

My overall thoughts regarding HALOCOR is that this would be a good starter prohormone.

Remember that not everyone will react the same, so what I may experience could be vastly different to yourself.

However, I found no adverse effects and some good results.

I am curious to see whether if I increase the dose over a full course with no breaks if there would be even better results.

That may be my next step. In which case I can update this article for your information.

If you were to take this and were happy with the effects you could be on to a winner. Or you may wish to try something stronger, such as epistane. My advice is to start low and gradually build up.

I would also recommend to take any prohormone with Liv.52, a multivitamin and drink plenty of water.

Ensure that your urine is not going really dark, and if you are not comfortable with any of the sensation just stop immediately, keep drinking water and taking the Liv.52 with the multivitamin.

Further points…

When I had taken epistane in the past I really felt the after effects of ‘shutting down’.

I didn’t notice this so much with HALOCOR, however, I did hit a PCT which meant I felt as good as ever.


[1] William Llewellyn (1 November 2008). Anabolics: Anabolic Steroid Reference Guide. William Llewellyn. pp. 260,365. ISBN 978-0-9679304-7-3.

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[5] The efficacy of Liv-52 on liver cirrhotic patients: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled first approach. Huseini HF1, Alavian SM, Heshmat R, Heydari MR, Abolmaali K.

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Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

Ben established this site to be a free resource in 2015. Since then it has gained over half a million visits. He has always been interested in sport and he started playing rugby at the age of 6 represented his town, county and school. Ben also enjoys cycling, has started skiing and is in the Army Reserve representing his Regiment as part of the 150 Regimental Shooting Team. He holds a bachelor's and postgraduate degree in sport exercise & nutrition.

16 thoughts on “HALOCOR by Pharma-Tec Review

  1. Ok Ben thanks …I’ve done 2 weeks on 2 capsules daily …Will now do next 2 weeks on 3 (75mg). Have u upped dosage at all and what is your planned cycle length ?

    Regards Mark

    1. Hi Mark,

      I am just doing 30 days with 2 pills per day and see if it has any effects. If not, I will up the dose to 3 pills per day.


      1. Hi Ben

        Just update me running halocor. I’m 5 weeks in now and gained 6lbs lean muscle with added definition. I started 2 weeks 50mg then 2 weeks at 75mg and finishing of last week’s 50mg. Good strength gains and some aggression lol . I would like your thoughts on AD tauro -test as PCT have you used or reviewed it . It’s test booster and estrogen control with good feedback . Keep up good work.

        Regards Mark

        1. Hi Mark,

          That sounds like some good progress there!

          I have just glanced over at AD Tauro Test. I don’t like that there are some proprietary blends in there that are named ‘matrix’, so that means we do not know how much of each ingredients within the matrix is included – it could be just trace amounts.

          I will do a full analysis of it though, I’m just going to use Prime Male and Liv.52. I found in the past TestoFuel brought me out of a horrendous ‘shut down’ when I used epistane.


          1. Hi Ben

            Thanks for info , I’m out testo fuel and have Tauro test and bottle grenades AT4 not sure what is better.
            I was shut down bad after running anivar for one week but bounced back after stopping which for 49 year old not bad lol . I have a un used bottle nolvadex nut sure what if any side effects this can bring but everyone is telling me it’s must to use for pct , it was for Anavar course which did not go full 6 weeks ?

            Regards Mark

            1. I would go with AT4 between that and the TauroTest.

              The nolvadex is an anti estrogenic, but you will need something like AT4 to stimulate the natural testosterone production too.

              Why did you use anavar for just one week?

              1. Ben

                I had terrible discomfort like I had been kicked in balls after just 3 days and had to stop with nearly full tub left . Would u recommend nolvadex then with test boosters ?

                Regards Mark

                1. Hi Ben

                  Only Mark what are your final thoughts on Halocor ? I’ve finished my course and start PCT. Overall was impressed with few pounds added and definition overall .was looking at trying Epistane in November and I no you have tried this more than once ?

                  Regards Mark

                  1. Hi Mark,

                    I ended up having to stop with my course last Thursday (four days ago) due to some activities over the weekend. I will pick it up again this week although this may not produce optimal results overall.

                    However, I have noticed much improved body composition and good recovery. Feeling stronger too, especially on my back exercises and shoulder exercises.

                    I have not weighed myself though. But overall feel and look more muscular (I appreciate that is not an exact science), I have not felt any adverse side effects that I experienced when using SARMS.

                    If you are happy with your results with this Epistane maybe a good one to try, but playing devils advocate, if you are pleased with this there’s perhaps no further need to try anything else…

                    1. Thanks Ben for update and sounds like you got some great results. I had no had effects at all running halocor 6 weeks and in to my pct I feel good . I have bottle epistine 2a3a so will try that later in year.

                    2. Cool.

                      I’ve just started taking them again today. But overall, impressed with results and lack of unwanted sides. I could probably do with drinking a bit more water but my piss has been fairly clear.

                      Let us know how you get on with the EPI if you do try it later on.


                    3. Hi Ben

                      I’ll keep you updated ,,your opinion what was best Epistane or Halocor ?


                    4. I would say, on the side of caution, Halocor has offered good results without any unwanted side effects (from what I can tell and in my opinion).

                      Epistane offered more strength and size but there were more noticeable side effects. Especially darker urine unless I was drinking about 2 litres or more per day.

  2. Hi Ben just got my bottle Halocor and im starting it Monday with 2 capsules a day . Will milk thistle help daily while I’m on this to help liver toxins ?

    May be but early have you noticed anything since you started ?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Yes take milk thistle and also take Liv.52. I have noticed some good strength gains from it.

      See how you get on.


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