After Steroids, Where Next For The Ultimate Fighting Championship?

After Steroids, Where Next For The Ultimate Fighting Championship?

How dirty is the UFC?

It seems time and time again, fighters are testing positive for steroids.  With cycling, baseball, football and rugby all notoriously being ‘dirty’ it seems the growing popularity of UFC is being tainted with PED’s and even the fighters are saying it is a big problem. Diaz commented prior to his fight with Connor that ‘everyone is on steroids’. Mind you he beat the accused looking like a ‘skinny fat man’.

The highly publicised UFC 200 rematch between the two (screams of desperation to get the ‘right’ result) was cancelled due to Connor probably realizing that he should focus on training rather that mouthing off all of the time and thus failed to perform his promotional duties.

The replacement match was then marred with steroids when Jon Jones failed a steroids test and a last minute fill in fighter jumped in the cage and provided a numb performance.

Then the fight between Brock Lesnar was thrown in to disarray when he too tested positive for colmiphene which is used by steroid users as part of their post cycle therapy to ensure they keep the majority of their gains and re-stimulate their own levels of testosterone.  

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This is throwing the UFC brand in to disrepute while the company is worth billions of dollars. Some would say the previous owners got out at the right time just before the bubble burst and UFC loses its reputation in the sporting arena. The positive testing results are fast becoming a runaway train sized debacle as more and more fighters are issued with bans by the USADA.

This is bad news for a sport which has taken years and huge amounts of effort to be accepted into the mainstream. The sport is inherently violent, exciting and unpredictable and that is what has garnered its popularity in recent years, unfortunately, these continued PED issues are about to return the sport to the back yard and the underground again, the very arena it venomously fought to break free from.

Fans can be increasingly fickle; and, if a sport becomes tarnished viewing figures and profits will dwindle. Let’s see how the future pans out not just for the UFC brand but the fighters too.

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