Steroids Were LEGAL In The USA Prior To The 1990’s

Steroids Were LEGAL In The USA Prior To The 1990’s

Once upon a time steroids were legal in the USA, high profile names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and even The Rock have admitted to using them.

In places like the UK the water’s a bit murkier in terms of use, it isn’t illegal to use steroids but it is illegal to sell.

Rich Piana explains that pre-1992/1993 these were American made pharmaceutical drugs offered up by doctor’s not bought from the internet manufactured in China whereby there is a high level of risk associated with contamination and actual amounts of the drug.

Around 4 million people in the US use steroids, notably in the 40+ age bracket – that is about the population of the Republic of Ireland! This creates a large scale black market which is dangerous and unregulated. This leads to lots of the drug being produced in makeshift labs.

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