Studies Prove Exercise Stimulates Cognitive Performance

Studies Prove Exercise Stimulates Cognitive Performance

The Renowned University of Loughborough (UK) has discovered that children who performed sprinting drills prior to a test were able to provide quicker (no pun intended) response times compared to their contemporaries who did not participate in the physical exercise.


The classroom based cognitive function tests were only performed once the children were fresh from participating in 10 by 10 second sprints interspersed by 50 seconds of walking.  

Pupils also performed the tests without exercise.

What became apparent was that the response times improved by around 5% after the test was completed when they had exercised compared to the pupils who did not exercise.

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The researchers found that youngsters’ response times improved by about 5% when performing the Stroop test following a bout of exercise.

The improved effects remained for up to 45 minutes post exercise even when the youngsters were reporting that they felt physically tired.


This research could be the catalyst for schools to incorporate more physical exercise in the daily routines of pupils to encourage more optimal learning conditions.

The report has established a firmer link between exercise and cognitive function that is becoming increasingly apparent. From the improved learning of the younger generations to a slow down and the avoidance of cognitive decline in the senior generations, it seems exercise is becoming widely regarded as an effective tool.

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