Testosterone Junkie Has Been Cloned! Should I Be Flattered?

Testosterone Junkie Has Been Cloned! Should I Be Flattered?


Cloned and Scraped Sites

If you didn’t know by now my name is Ben.

I am a real person, I do real things like go to work Monday to Friday, play a bit of rugby still, lift weights, get drunk and have an adopted cat called Molly.

I also write and manage this site. However, this is a spare time hobby and passion. I have always had a hankering to have a website and blog about all different things associated with rugby and weight lifting and here it is, you lucky shits.

Rock Star

However, it recently came to my attention that may be TESTOSTERONEJUNKIE.COM was becoming accidentally too great, why? Well it was brought to my attention that this very site has been/is being cloned.

That’s correct. cloned.

Charles Caleb Colton once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Right, is it though?

In my mind no. I spend countless hours writing content for this website about matters that I am passionate about. I write until the early morning and often with Molly sat on my lap clawing at my jeans or shirt.

Fuck, it is annoying when she does that and like now, I am hunched over her body trying to reach the keyboard with my short arms.

Yet, this is probably the closest I will ever feel to being a rock star. Yes, that is a rock star who has had their songs downloaded illegally and without permission. And it feels dirty and so, so cheap.

More so than growing a filthy handlebar mustache so I could live some sort of Freddie Mercury lifestyle on a moped in Thailand. No lady boys were harmed during my time over there.

testosteronejunkie.com on tour in Thailand on a scooter


Good question. Well I will not write what the website on here as it will provide them with a nice little back-link for them but I presume that if they copy all of the pages available on here (over 900) it will immediately give that site quick and easy ranking on google.


It seems that this impostor of a site is currently skimming the content from testosteronejunkie.com so they can be indexed and it is likely you will click on the link expecting a wealth of good quality content to be redirected to a site that sells steroids or something like that.

At present if you type ‘testosterone junkie’ in to google that site ranks higher than the original. It’s a bloody scam!

Mind you, if you click on the link it goes to a 404 holding page and nothing more at the moment. I suspect more is going off behind the scenes. At present it seems around 70 pages have been copied. Bastards.

This is all very annoying. So I found out who their web host is, their hosting is provided by OVH Hosting, their IP address being I even found out that the supposed person behind it all is a middle aged Russian woman. So they have probably cloned her identity as well.

What Next?

Well I had better shave this handlebar mustache off first I guess. I look like some sort of sicko.

The most annoying thing is that google seem to have taken very little notice.

When there is an infringement of copyright you are to file a DMCA (digital millennium copyright act 1998) complaint to google who then should de-index their site as it is essentially manipulating their algorithm which is in place to help the user (the person searching for information) find the best quality and related information on the web for the user’s search.

However, google seem to offer very little in terms of support just constant canned responses. This is no good for me as my material has been copied nor good for the user as you hit the highest ranking search result which leads you to a 404 page and in term lose confidence in testosterone junkie as you presume that page is mine.

I did a little research on the hosting company, OVH. It seems they have already had a lawsuit filed against them for passing on pirate traffic. This doesn’t look good.

In fact it looked so bad I thought I would use their support function and detail the issue in the hope they would respond and take down this clone site. I heard nothing back.

Needless to say I will not host any further sites (one is being planned to list and review all of the cars I have ever bought, owned and traded.

What Can I Do?

This is supposed to be read in your head so, if you would, these are things you can do to.

  • Don’t panic! I guess you are not, so that’s a start.
  • Do not click on the website that purports to be testosterone junkie yet has a different domain name, you will just be helping a cheat and a scam artist.
  • Be patient, I am hoping google will eventually see the clone for what it is and how it is trying to manipulate their algorithm and thus gain a quick win. This is a black hat technique to make easy cash on the back of others’ work.
  • Tell your friends about this, they may get a laugh out of it. At least someone is a winner then.


This site is fairly big, as already mentioned there are over 900 pages and close to around 950. Hopefully the overall size and ‘strength’ of the site will help fight against this threat.

I will carry on writing regardless and keep chasing google and OVH hosting as I would hate to see all the time and energy to be completely wasted.

Plus, I can keep updating you on progress, it may help someone else out there at some point.

I am hoping the powers that be in google and OVH see who the real testosterone junkie is.

Ummm, I am literally going to have that shave right now.

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Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

Ben established this site to be a free resource in 2015. Since then it has gained over half a million visits. He has always been interested in sport and he started playing rugby at the age of 6 represented his town, county and school. Ben also enjoys cycling, has started skiing and is in the Army Reserve representing his Regiment as part of the 150 Regimental Shooting Team. He holds a bachelor's and postgraduate degree in sport exercise & nutrition.

One thought on “Testosterone Junkie Has Been Cloned! Should I Be Flattered?

  1. Hey Ben,

    I really enjoyed reading all your reviews, articles & recommendations. I actually work for a clinical diagnostic company that makes & sells very specific testing & products to balance out our neurotransmitters & cut down excess free radicals leading to oxidative stress & inflammation. I’m 40 years old, newly married this past July & expecting twins in November, crazy right!? Anyway, I have a pretty extensive background in bodybuilding, personal training, overall fitness & nutrition. I’ve tried & taken a ton of various supplements for a variety of things over the years. In my twenties I juiced using pure testosterone (enentate/syponate) Equipose, Winstrol, Deca, Clembuterol, Cytomel, etc. I’m not proud of what I experimented with & became purely addicted to back then, but it is what it is. I stopped everything after a few years back then & my body shut down my own testosterone production for about a year. It felt really weird, no sexual feelings or impulses at all, no need for women or porn. I eventually recovered & my body came back to life, I got very lucky, not everyone does! It took me a very long time to use any sort of product or supplement again but when I eventually came around, I started slowly & made sure what I took wouldn’t hurt or kill me in any way! For the last few years I’ve been taking my company’s testosterone product – AndroFlavone for natural test support & libedo mainly. It’s a proprietary blend of 3.3 grams of DAA & 7 MethoxyFlavone, that’s it! The stuff works amazingly well but b/c of pill size & overall $$$ ROI, my company discontinued it to my dismay! I literally bought 12 bottles of it to last me for a while but now I’m running out. I did my research on test boosters mainly for libedo purposes, not necessarily for muscle gain (been there, done that) & after a ton of vetting I ordered 3 bottles of PrimeMale after comparing/contrasting vs both TestoFuel & Australia’s TestoMaxxx. Being 40 & seeing my main purpose was/is libedo, I chose PrimeMale. I took 2 twice a day w/ meals or snacks & pretty soon after started to feel a massive difference in my overall libedo & my sex drive was out of control, we are expecting twins! However after finishing my 1st bottle & during the middle of my 2nd, I began experiencing sever lower abdominal cramping/pain/gas, etc after taking it with a salad or chicken dish. Not every time but it was random. It was so bad that I thought I was having a kidney stone or appendix issue. Since experiencing this a few times I stopped taking PrimeMale. I had been taking AndroFlavone in the am first thing but the magnesium in it gave me sudden GI emergencies with my IBS & it became very frustrating since I’m in diagnostic sales & always on the road. I switched to taking it at night before bed & man what a difference, no more GI problems at all & still worked well for my libedo. I returned to the drawing board recently though b/c I’m running out of my supply & nobody makes AndroFlavone anymore unless there’s fakes out there on Amazon, etc. I zero’d in on the two main ingredients DAA & 7 Methoxy which make all the difference & researched test boosters/libedo enhancers that carry these two things. TestoMaxxx had both but it’s not sold in the USA, I tried getting it. The DAA is lower in grams vs AndroFlavone though. PrimeMale has it but not the 7 Methoxy, TestoFuel has DAA but again not nearly as much as AndroFlavone. Plus both PrimeMale & TestoFuel are made & sold by the same distributor I think outside of London. I can’t always eat throughout the day & they warn you against taking them w/out food. So I became more interested in a nighttime / empty stomach test booster / libedo enhancer. I decided to try EVLTEST b/c of the 3.5 grams of DAA (mostly for libedo & way more in dosage vs PrimeMale & TestoFuel) & other powerful ingredients as well. Plus yes, Tribulus may not do anything for your testosterone but it does however help improve overall libido! I took AndroFlavone at night before bed & still felt it’s effects throughout the day so my thinking is why wouldn’t EVLTEST do the same since the DAA is just as much as in AndroFlavone which is really hard to find. It doesn’t have 7 Methoxy (estrogen blocker mainly) which I also wanted but not a lot of products do BUT….it does have DIM which is known for & is supposed to act as an Estrogen blocker. So for libedo purposes & high DAA products for natural testosterone production, I’d go with EVLTEST over both PrimeMale & TestoFuel. I’m hoping I don’t get abdominal pains with it, I guess we’ll see.

    Tell me your overall thoughts on my perspective in terms of helping with libedo & having some of the highest amounts of DAA vs others. Why do you think I started getting stomach pains with PrimeMale, 5000iu of D3 you think?

    I’ll keep you posted on my overall feelings & results on EVLTEST vs PrimeMale! Thanks for allowing me to tell you my story, everybody has one!

    Warmest Regards,


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