Alarming Rise Of Steroid Use In Amateur Sport // Why Is It Happening?

Alarming Rise Of Steroid Use In Amateur Sport // Why Is It Happening?

In recent times it is almost a given that gym goers and amateur sports players are abusing steroids to enhance their performance or make them look ‘better’.

Yet so few people are aware of the potential pitfalls or consequences of taking anabolic steroids, especially if purchased from the internet.

Not to mention the fact your body cannot always cope with the rapid increases in strength and performance. This can lead to joint and ligament injuries.

However, there are other issues too such as heart problems, high cholestrol, liver damage and more.

Who Are The User’s?

In New Zealand at least it is those who are playing amateur rugby.

In fact, according to one physician in Auckland who has noted that the rise in steroid usage is not among the typical body building types but those club rugby players in their 20’s and 30’s. It is at this level where players are not drug tested.

Yet many of them have no real appreciation of the law or the dangers.

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Why Are They Using?

Yet there’s massive pressure on club rugby and school rugby first XV’s squads to be successful and all men in New Zealand want to be the next All Black star.

There’s also recent pressures of young men over their appearance which has normally been associated with women for many years.

This is where education is paramount.

One recently banned rugby player insists he had no idea steroids were illegal and took them off season to bulk up his frame. Using and also trafficking steroids led to a 6 year ban from the sport.

Needlessly, this will prevent any chances he may have had to rise to the top.

Studies carried out in other regions such as South African school boy rugby and American high school sport showed the use of steroids and other prohibitive substances was quite high.

It appears to be also rife in the UK whereby competition in the leagues just below what is considered professional is massive as players use everything in their arsenal to break through in to the upper sphere.

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  1. Hi, nice article. I’m 57 and have just started androgel 1.0 twice per day. I supplement with tribulis, arginine and zma before bed. I feel better all around. Haven’t done follow up blood tests yet and am hoping I haven’t screwed my chemistry up to much.

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