The Flat Bench Press

The Flat Bench Press Flat Bench Press Flat Bench Press

Monday is international chest day, right? Well, where better to start than the flat bench press.

It is the mainstay of any weightlifter and most probably the first exercise anyone will perform who has just started to lift.

It is simple and highly effective, primarily the flat bench benefits the chest, shoulder and triceps.

Even if you just perform the flat bench along with the squat and/or the bent legged deadlift you will produce some big size and strength gains so try not to avoid it.

A little tip, if you find yourself stagnating on the bench press try not to over exercise your chest as it is so easy to do, strip it down to only exercising once a week and include the overhead press in your routine if you don’t already.

By a rule of thumb your overhead press press should be two thirds of your bench press; if it is lacking bring it up to strength.

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