The Bent Legged Deadlift

The Bent Legged Deadlift Bent Legged Deadlift Bent Legged Deadlift

The deadlift is one of my favourite exercises, I know the squat is King, but for me personally I see so much growth from the bent legged deadlift and manage to build serious strength – a 551lbs/250kg 1 rep max is my peak thus far, but I am heading for more.

The reason for the strength and size gains is because the bent legged dead lift combines great stress with colossal demands throughout the body.

It is an excellent growth exercise triggering testosterone production and putting your body in an anabolic state.  It is the only exercise to make me spit bile, blow chunks and make my eyes blurred and stream such is the stress.

Properly performed, the bent legged deadlift is safe and super productive -The deadlift benefits so many muscle groups you will see and feel gains throughout your whole body and that is a guarantee!

Combined with a decent testosterone booster such as TestoFuel your gains will go through the roof!

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