The Importance for Pre Menopausal To Weight Train

The Importance for Pre Menopausal To Weight Train

When we think of testosterone and testosterone levels we automatically think of men. We probably also think of meat heads in dark, underground gyms full of iron without a treadmill in site – it is sounding like my kind of gym!

However, what is less commonly known, by the widr public at aleast, that while cardio certainly has its place, it is weight and strength training that is becoming widely appreciated, particularly within the medical circles, for its wider benefits.

It is slowly but surely becoming in the wider consciousness that weight training is beneficial for anyone of any age. This includes ladies who are menopausal or just pre menopausal.

When women are at this point in their lives it can bring upon them many changes and unwanted side effects which can include:
– anxiety
– mood swings
– depression
– weight gain
– cognitive decline

The best thing about weight training is that is can help alleviate these symptoms.

Weight training is also a natural testosterone booster. Testosterone is commonly thought of as a male hormone, however, it is an important hormone in women too, in particular those who are approaching their menopause.

It is at this stage whereby their testosterone levels plummet by up to 50% as their natural production decreases.

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Yet the weight training not only reduces the symptoms every woman faces at some point in their life but also reverses the trend of decreasing testosterone levels.

Weight training is useful for keeping hormone levels at an optimal point, reducing fat levels and increasing muscle mass. However, do not worry, you will not be builind boulder shoulders without the input of synthetic testosterone via steroids.

With a weight training regime in place, you will start to feel better overall, you will look better and improve your confidence levels, in turn this will improve your overall quality of life.

So, do not pass weight lifting off as a meathead sport, see it more as a healer and therapy.

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